Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Murtha and Obama will lose Pennsylvania

The Obamessiah and Congressman Murtha have proven their liberal agenda time and time again in this election cycle. They really show that they don't care about us Pennsylvanians. After all, how can a Presidential candidate and a Congressman claim that they wants our vote if they think of us as a bunch of religious zealots who love to fire our shotguns at empty beer cans in the woods, burn crosses in our back yards at family functions, marry our uncle's brother's nephew's half-sister (who also happens to be your half-sister), ride around in pickup trucks, hang confederate flags on July 4th, and smoke 400 packs of Marlboros to get a jacket?

I for one am proud to be a Pennsylvanian living in God's country. I enjoy my freedom to read the Bible daily, pray to Jesus, and go to church on a Sunday morning. I also enjoy my right to own my Ruger SR9 and a Keltec PF-9 for protection, and a Mossberg 12 gauge for hunting. I am proud to spend autumn afternoons in a tree stand with my PSE bow. I am proud to toss a line in a lake, stream, or river and hope to catch that big one. I am proud to pack a tent, a couple of sleeping bags, and a case of Yuengling in my truck and head off to the woods with my wife and three kids for a weekend camping trip. I am very fortunate to have married into the ultimate dysfunctional family - not just because of the comic relief they provide but because they show unconditional love. I am also lucky that my friends are real people who will help you out in a jam because you've been there for them so many times. I am glad that my neighbors are good people with traditional, conservative values. I am proud to have Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, and Hank Williams Jr. in my music collection. I am also proud to be a small business owner, working hard to put food on my family's table trying to instill traditional values in my kids.

I am a proud American, and I for one take offense to what liberals like Murtha and Obama say about people like me. I know that there are more people like me out there reading this blog who also take offense to what these libs say about real Americans. Obama and Murtha made it clear that they don't like us and that they don't want our votes. I say we stand up and give them exactly what they want: a vote for McCain and Palin.

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