Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Picks Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff Position

I will have to rethink about my last post thinking that we may not have to fear an Obama Presidency (but we do have to be concerned about the future).

Rahm Emanuel is a liberal pitbut. He's not the guy for the job for someone who promised to govern from the center and change Washington for the better. Here's his record:
  • Cosponsored gun-control legislation
  • Accepted campaign donations from crooks (particularly those from the Chicago water department)
  • 100% pro-choice voting record
  • Has a reputation for making ludacris and idiotic comments
  • Was fired from his job as a Clinton advisor for overstepping his bounds
  • Lobbied for NAFTA, the very agreement the libs claim took American jobs overseas (hypocrite)
  • Lobbied for Socialized medicine, particularly the Clinton plan
  • He sent a rotting fish to a pollster whom he said sent inaccurate and poorly prepared research to him while working as national campaign director at the DCCC during the late 1980s

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