Saturday, November 8, 2008

When will Pa voters use their fucking heads?

Pennsylvanians voted yes to ballot question 1 on Tuesday, to allow the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to issue $400 billion in bonds so that they can offer "grants and loans to municipalities and public utilities for the cost of all labor, materials, necessary operational machinery and equipment, lands, property, rights and easements, plans and specifications, surveys, estimates of costs and revenues, prefeasibility studies, engineering and legal services and all other expenses necessary or incident to the acquisition, construction, improvement, expansion, extension, repair or rehabilitation of all or part of drinking water system, storm water, nonpoint source projects, nutrient credits and wastewater treatment system projects."

Do you really think that the Pennsylvania government is going to use that money for improving drinking water? C'mon people!!! Use your fucking heads and put 2 and 2 together!!!!

The money will not be used to improve drinking water and water/sewer infrastructure. It's going to be used to cover the $400 billion in spending that our esteemed morons in Harrisburg voted on last year (to supposedly improve our roads). Don't you remember last year when the government wanted to toll I-80 to cover this spending??? When this didn't go through, Ed Rendell tried to lease the turnpike. This got shot down, too. Ed Rendell was forcing our state lawmakers to find a way to come up with the money that the state so desperately needed to cover that our legislators spent that they didn't have.

So where did they finally get the $400 billion? A bond issue... and you voted for it!!! Way to go people!

Of course, there's the issue that the democrats will use saying that it will help employment yadda yadda - yeah, but at whose expense? I was totally against the bond issue because by saying no, you're forcing the legislators to look at their own wasteful spending and cut it. There would be enough revenue in the system to pay for road improvements if they used funds appropriated for such improvements (i.e., gas taxes and other consumption taxes) and not blow the money on things we don't need.

Looks like Eddy pulled a fast one on the voters again!!!

...and you let him do it to you. Thanks for bailing out the state.... You gave the state another blank check! I hope you're happy

Oh, and food for thought: where will the state come up with the money to pay the interest on the debt?

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