Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Muslim Side of Mr. Obama

Posted on Friday, October 17, 2008 5:43:01 PM by Former Farmer

Pressures to be politically correct prohibit considering Barack Obama's Muslim side, or even mentioning his middle name. How Muslim is he? Consider these issues.

1. Born a Muslim. The man who sired the candidate was an African Muslim named Barack Hussein Obama, who named his son his own African Muslim name. The name "hussein" is Arabic for "good," and is normally given only to Muslims.

2. A Muslim by Law. Muslim law assigns the faith according to the religion of the father. Since his father was Muslim, by Muslim law and in the eyes of the Muslim world Barack Hussein Obama was and is a Muslim.

3. Raised a Muslim. After his biological father abandoned the family, his mother married another Muslim, Lolo Soetoro, who moved the family to Indonesia. Little Hussein was was first enrolled in a Catholic school as a Muslim student, then enrolled as a Muslim in a government school. This was not a fanatical madrassa as has been falsely reported. However, Muslim students were required to study Islam, read the Koran and learn Muslim prayers. Hussein Obama himself confirms his Muslim roots, stating in one of his autobiographies, Dreams of My Father, that he got in trouble for cutting up in Koran class. Only Muslims were allowed in Koran class.

4. A Muslim by Profession. Hussein Obama, in an interview with George Stephanopolous, referred to "my Muslim faith." While this may be an unconscious revelation, it might have been a mere gaffe. A man's tongue may slip, but will not slip into fluent Arabic unless he knows Arabic. Hussein Obama recited Muslim the Muslim shahada in perfect Arabic to New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff. The shahada is the First Pillar of Islam, the most basic Muslim confession of faith, stating "there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet." This is comparable to the Christian confession of faith, "Jesus is Lord." Very few Christians can, and even fewer would, pray the shahada in perfect Arabic. Obama then called the shahada “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.”

5. A Mystery Month in Muslim Culture. As a young man, Hussein Obama traveled to Pakistan. How long he stayed is uncertain: his campaign says three weeks; other sources, several months. What he did or learned or decided during this immersion remains unknown.

6. Mystery Money for Elite Education. After returning from his immersion in that Muslim country, Hussein Obama proceeded to an elite Ivy League education: an undergraduate degree from Columbia, and a law degree from Harvard. The Obama campaign admits that he received no scholarship money from Harvard, but claims he self-funded his education through loans. Hussein Obama himself barred Harvard from releasing any financial records. Why would he ban access to records if they would verify his claim?

7. Endorsed by Foreign America Haters. Hussein Obama has been endorsed by Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il, and Muammar Qaddafi. Muslim terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah endorse Hussein Obama. Hamas and Hexbollah both are funded by Iran. Hussein Obama has offered to meet without preconditions with Iran's Achmedinajab, who denies the Holocaust and pledges to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Hussein Obama has described Iran as a small nation that is no threat to Israel.

8. Surrounded by Domestic America Haters. The inner circle around Hussein Obama includes the man he said he consulted before making any major decisions, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The worldview of Jeremiah Wright sounds like an ominous echo of Osama bin Laden. Osama said the massive terrorist attack on 9/11 was just American getting back what it had done to others; Jeremiah called it America's chickens coming home to roost. Osama calls America the Great Satan which must be destroyed; Jeremiah calls for God to damn America. How can Hussein Obama repudiate the worldview of one of these soulmates, while he has sat for twenty years under the teaching of one of the other soulmate? Who else do we find close to Hussein Obama? Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers hates America so much he bombed our Capitol. (In fairness to Ayers, we must note that he praised America on one occasion. After being acquited on a technicality, Ayers gushed: "Guilty as Hell, free as a bird. Is this a great country, or what?" ) The only regret Ayers has expressed about his terrorism is that they didn't plant more bombs. Black Muslim potentate Louis Farrakhan has condemned America so often and so severely he needs no citations. Probably the closest to Hussein Obama is his wife Michele, who has called America a mean place and stated she has never been proud of America before her husband's run for the Presidency. Her scowling face shows a hate that one cannot even imagine on the face of a Cindy McCain or a Sarah Palin.

9. Serving 57 states. In another slip of the tongue that could reveal hidden beliefs, or could just be a really stupid statement, Hussein Obama stated that he had campaigned in 57 states. In the fatigue of a long campaign, mistakes are expected and overlooked. A Harvard graduate is probably smarter than a fifth grader, and a fifth grader knows we have 50 states. The intrigue comes from the number 57. Why not 51 or 54 or 72? The number 57 makes sense in one context: all the Muslim nations belong to the Organization of the Islamic Conference - all 57 of them.

10. Campaigning in Kenya. While a U.S. Senator, Hussein Obama traveled to Kenya and campaigned for a presidential candidate named Railo Odingo. It was widely reported that Odinga had committed in writing to impose of Muslim law, sharia, and re-write the constitution within six months to conform to the Koran. Whether or not this is true, why was Hussein Obama interfering in the internal politics of a foreign nation? If John McCain campaigned for a partisan candidate in Scotland on the grounds that his ancestors came from there, everyone would see it as almost insane. Some of Hussein Obama's mistakes may be simple goofs (I'll bomb Pakistan) or at worst meaningful slips (my Muslim faith). It requires a conscious, deliberate decision to travel to another continent and interfere in the internal politics of another nation. Either Hussein Obama was supporting a hidden Muslim agenda, or he was showing appallingly bad judgment. Neither belongs in the Oval Office.

All these facts are in the public record. Why can they not be considered?



kasim said...

ur a freak man

y u think so much nd wat d hell had happen if he bing a muslim

prsent said...

Can someone please translate?

prsent said...

I still don't know what kasim is saying, but I'll gladly tell you what my problem with Obama being a muslim is.

Before reading further, I want to present a statement that not all Muslims are bad people. Most are peace loving who believe in a loving God and want to follow the good teachings of the prophet Muhammed.

There are in the Muslim faith, as with any other religion, extremists who want to pervert the teachings of love, peace, and guidance for life by cowardly hiding behind religion to push a hateful agenda.

For example, extremist Christians have been known to murder doctors and nurses working in abortion clinics. This goes against Christian teachings, as the act of murder is a sin. One cannot and should not justify the slaying of innocent babies by killing those who perform these horrific procedures. Jesus taught His followers to pray for sinners, not to fight sin with sin.

Extreme Muslim fundamentalists want to destroy Isreal, the United States of America, and every nation that enjoys the freedoms God has given to us.

Barack Obama has associations with such people. There is evidence to support the fact that Obama is a muslim, yet Barack Obama repeatedly lies about his faith and denies the truth, claiming he is a Christian. The President of the United States is a person who should have character, and a person who hides the truth and repeatedly lies about his faith indicates that he has a low character; and, the fact that Obama lies about who he is should be a concern for those who will hit the polls on Tuesday. People should know who they are voting for.

African Moonbat said...

There are m,any things about Mr Obama we do not know and I do not think he should be elected to the White House.

That said, so what if he is a muslim, or had a muslim father? Religion should not be a factor. Religous fundamentalists or whatever hue are a problem

prsent said...

African moonbat, I agree with your opinion regarding religious affiliation. I really don't think that the American people would care if Obama openly admitted at the start of his campaign that he is a Muslim.

The fact remains - as you and I both openly agree - is that there is much we do not know about Mr. Obama.

Would you also agree with the following statement?: the liberal media is helping to keep facts about Obama from becoming openly public. They are not asking any real questions that would help voters become more informed.