Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarah Palin isn't to blame

Now that the McCain camopaign has picked themselves up and started dusting themselves off, they are beginning to examine where they went wrong. Many of the "moderate" republican operatives within and outside of the campaign are blaming Sarah Palin for McCain's loss.

Folks, let me tell you something. If it weren't for Sarah Palin, the entire election would have been a landslide in favor of Obama. Prior to Sarah Palin making it on the national scene, I - like many real republicans - didn't take McCain seriously as a candidate. The GOP was not just a joke, it was the punchline. A serious schism occurred because the morons who ruin (I meant run) this party believe that the republican party had to be more centrist.

We were never a centrist party, nor should we ever be. Real republicans like myself are still looking for the next Ronald Reagan, the individual who can effectively communicate that traditional conservative values, a belief in God and country, lower taxes and spending, promotion of individuality, and the belief that America would be a better place is government would stay out of our affairs are exactly what this country needs. Pundits from all over the country were praying that McCain would at least pick a conservative running mate to unify the party. These morons looked to RINOs like Mitt Romney (the most liberal governor in the history of the USA), rather than someone like Huckabee who truly is a conservative. These morons ignored Huckabee as a serious candidate.

These morons also missed the mark when they endorsed McCain as the republican nominee. While being a maverick in DC is a good thing and having a team of mavericks running this country would indeed shake up the beaurocracy and the corruption in DC, the ideal of having a maverick President is not exactly what this country needs at the moment. Voters are not concerned with the corruption and beaurocracy that pollutes our political system. Rather, throughout the campaign, people were concerned about soaring health care costs, the ability to retire comfortably, providing their children with the same or better opportunities they had, higher gas prices, avoiding foreclosure, and national security issues posed by open borders and Islamofascists.

Folks, a maverick isn't going to lower health care costs. A maverick will not resolve a fledgling economy. A maverick will not help someone from losing their home or job. The so-called geniuses behind the McCain campaign missed the mark when they posed McCain as a centrist maverick. None, not even the candidate himself, could effectively translate his experience and cowboy attitude as the solution to America's problems. At the same time, they had to deal with the fact early on in the campaign that not only was this nation split, but so was our party.

So the republican solution was to put McCain - a centrist who resembles nothing what our party is about - as the front man... fucking brilliant (yes, I'm being sarcastic). Back in August, half the people I know who are republicans thought that McCain as our Presidential candidate was a fucking joke and believed that our country was going to belong to the yahoo liberals who want to destroy the very moral fiber that our great nation was founded upon. I was one of them and wasn't going to give either McCain or Obama my vote - I was going to piss it away on a third party candidate like Barr.

Our centrist idiotic party leaders knew that McCain's chances were slim and none then. They realized that they had to get the conservatives behind McCain. These fucking idiots missed the mark again by thinking that the party should still be centrist, screw our conservative values, but ask for their support. McCain kept slipping in the polls. Some pundits had him down past 15 points.

Then one fateful day in September, 8 weeks before the election, I thought that maybe the idiots who are responsible for running the party finally got it. They didn't (as explained further down).

Putting Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate was the best thing that the republicans did in decades. With Palin, we saw a real chance to keep the White House and to re-energize the party. Sarah Palin is a true Reagan conservative, and she energized the base of the party - the majority who are not centrists. She proved through her record that by sticking to your principles, you can get things done and earn the people's respect - something McCain and the GOP party leaders could never do. 91% of the republican voters had a favorable opinion of her. 67% saw her as VERY favorable. Most republican voters viewed her as someone who saved the campaign. A good percentage of the American people (not the liberal media) liked her. If it weren't for Sarah Palin, I would have never voted for or campaigned for McCain.

Now that the election is over and the liberal media is calling it a landslide victory (with Obama winning by 5.61% of the popular vote), the morons who run the party and the stupid assholes who ran the McCain campaign are blaming Sarah Palin for the republican loss this year. They still believe that being centrist is the way to go and disassociate the GOP from the real person to blame - Bush. The party leaders just don't get it. The party leaders are behind the times. 4 years ago would have been the time to be centrist and disassociate themselves from the White House rather than play follow the leader. Now is the time to call for leadership and hope - which is why Obama won the election. Obama also won because during the last 3 weeks of the campaign he swung to the right - and McCain never did. McCain ran on the theme of being experienced and a maverick, but failed to tell the American people how that would solve this nation's problems. Sarah Palin was the only reason why McCain didn't get blown out of the water in this race. She gave McCain the fighting chance he needed.

Sarah Palin served as an inspiration for millions of Americans. I for one have never missed an election since I was old enough to vote. I don't ever recall being as excited to vote as I did the first time I went in a voting booth. I couldn't wait to hit that lever for the McCain Palin ticket. It was also because of Sarah Palin that close friends and family members were inspired to campaign for any candidate for the very first time.

Sarah Palin showed better leadership than McCain throughout the campaign. She, together with Huckabee, are the next hope for the party and this country. Sarah Palin energized the republicans, unified the party, and gave us an esprite de corps that we haven't felt since the Reagan era... and now the party leaders want to chew her up and spit her out rather than embrace her as the next leader of the republican party. These people just don't fucking get it. John McCain didn't have a real shot at the Presidency until Palin became his running mate. John McCain couldn't communicate any other message besides two key phrases: I am a maverick, and I have many years of experience in DC working with both sides of the aisle. Sarah Palin was the one who was energetic, aggressive, and attacked the Obama-Biden ticket, and republicans across the country clung to her every word. They came to her defense when stirred by Cuntie Kourick. She was the more likeable candidate. If the GOP leaders knew what was good for the party, they would stop these shameful blame attacks, humbly apologize, and help prep her for 2012.

I doubt Sarah Palin would ever read this blog, but if I ever had the chance to meet her in person, I would tell her from the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

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