Thursday, November 6, 2008

The American people have spoken

The time has come for our election hangovers to clear up and accept the fact that this country now belongs to the liberals. Barack Obama is the ringleader, and together with his sidekicks, Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi, those of us who lean to the right are fearing what may become of the future of this great nation of ours.

The question lingering in the back of many conservatives' minds is: how bad will Obama and the libs fuck up our country? Will he act like a kid in a candy store with our tax dollars? Are the end times near?

...OK there exists more than one question now that the libs will be in control.

The debates will reign between now and Obama's first 100 days. On the one side of the debate among us republicans is that we have much to fear. On the other side is the issue that Obama and the libs - if they want to maintain control of the House, Senate, and the White House - cannot and will not abuse their power to push all their liberal agenda on us.

I don't believe that we should fear an Obama Presidency, but we should indeed be concerned about the future of our country and the direction he wants to take us in. With an Obama Presidency, we can expect higher taxes, a greater risk for another terrorist threat, a series of recessions, and a further divided country.

The last three Presidential elections were really close. This is an indication that the people in our country are divided. The only hope we have is that Obama finds a way to unite us. He's not going to do this with his empty rhetoric (just fewer than 50% of the voters didn't believe his bullshit). His record shows he can't make a decision if his life counted on it (He was in the voting booth Tuesday for 15 minutes - was he looking for the "present" button?). Perhaps he can use his leadership attributes (and I will be the first to admit he has some real leadership qualities - no punchline here - I truly believe that he can lead) to move this country forward, but this can only be done if the country is united. It's a tall order and I have my doubts as to whether he can fill it.

I know there's no talk of the world ending or panic here. Sorry to disappoint you all. I know he won't be the best President in the world. He probably won't be the worst - after all nobody can be as bad as Jimmy Carter.

I expect an Obama Presidency to be one similar to LBJ's: more social programs, higher spending, and a huge push for civil rights.

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