Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McCain finally defends Palin

Hey, it's only been 8 days after the election, and McCain finally got the nerve to defend Palin.

Thank you, Sentator McLame. So why did it finally take over one week after the election for you to defend her? Where were you during the campaign? Why didn't you immediately defend Governor Palin when your own campaign operatives criticized her, when you immediately defended your opponent during the race?

Some fucking maverick you are. A real maverick would have done the right thing right away. McCain's lame and late attempt to defend Palin further proves my statements about GOP leaders being out of touch with the party's basic principles and behind the times. GOP party leaders and the McCain operatives strayed from the party's principle of exercising traditional values throughout the campaign and again when, instead of defending Palin and thanking her for giving the campaign a fighting chance, they trashed her. Instead of running on messages that would provide a greater response, the campaign and party leaders stressed the maverick theme - an idea that would eventually backfire (and it did).

I'm still scratching my head as to how this guy got picked to be our candidate.

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