Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Resolving the credit crisis begins with holding people accountable for starting this mess

Everyone seems to be blaming the government for the current problems with the housing market and the resulting credit freeze, and the American people are seeking the government to resolve these problems and bail out the mortgagees as well as the mortgagors.

I believe that any time you get the government involved, you're just asking for a bigger mess rather than a practical and feasible solution. Our government can't even solve its own fucking problems.

We know that the government under the Bill Clinton Administration and the leadership of Barney instigated the entire mess that we're in. Don't forget that ACORN lobbied for deregulation - yeah, the same nuts that were brought up as a dog and pony show for voter registration fraud a couple of weeks before the election (I say dog and pony show because it was merely a side show - how come we don't hear about ACORN in the news now?). From the government side of the problem, we can easily see that liberal not jobs are responsible for fucking up this economy... and now we're going to rely on them to fix it under the Obama administration and a democrat-controlled Capitol Hill with Rahmbo as ring leader?

Let's not kid ourselves. The government started the trend that eventually lead to the economic demise we are seeing. Liberalism and the failure to put in laws based on traditional values are entirely to blame. Feel good liberal idiots like Barney and Kanjorski thought it would be nice if people who were in no financial position to buy a home could be given the same opportunity as those who busted their asses and saved for months or years to put a deposit on a home. Feel good liberal idiots like Barney and Kanjorski, who vote on key issues, couldn't do Americans a favor by passing sensible laws like mandating that public schools who get funding through the US Board of Education teach personal finance as a high school graduation requirement.

Yup, in lieu of doing the things that add value to America, Kanjorski destroys our economy by deregulating the banking industry. Smart! Tell people who have no clue how to handle their finances that they can take on a 30-year commitment. Half of America - thanks to Hollywood - can't even take a lifetime commitment like marriage seriously. Call me crazy, but I like the old-fashioned way of doings things, especially when it comes to money. 25 years ago, if you were to go out and buy a car, the salesperson would ask you what you want to pay for the car. Today, the question is: how much of a payment can you afford? Thanks to Kanjorski forcing banks to deregulate, people no longer had to save up 30% of the purchase price (20% down plus extra for closing costs and other incidentals for when you move in), have instant equity in their homes, and carefully think about what kind of home they could afford. The trend became: hurry up and let's close!!!!

Folks, don't get me wrong: what Paul Kanjorski, Barney Frank, Rahmbo (he lobbied for this reform), and countless other liberals did, is incomprehensible, unforgivable, and untrustworthy. Islamic Fascists tried to destroy our economy 7 years ago when they committed cowardly acts of terrorism, and they failed. Kanjorski and his band of marauders succeeded in doing what the terrorists failed to do. The people behind this mess should be held accountable, beginning with Osama Bin Kanjo.

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