Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Liberal media and misguided youth exercise unequal treatment... again

Excerpts below from the AP:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — John Edwards didn't have to dodge tough questions from an Indiana University audience Tuesday, when the former presidential candidate returned to the stage three months after admitting to an extramarital affair.

The Democrat's 30-minute speech covered politics, poverty and his hopes for America and the world and he later discussed President-elect Obama and other topics from the audience.

But the half-hour question-and-answer period featured only written queries that had been submitted before his speech — and the affair he has acknowledged with filmmaker Rielle Hunter didn't surface.

After his public statements in August, Edwards said he did not plan to speak about the affair again.

Sophomore Mariela Colindres told the Indiana Daily Student she thought Edwards was right not to address the affair during the speech.

"Nothing he could have said to make it better, plus it's a personal issue," she said.

Graduate student Kortnee Warner agreed.

"I heard about some of those issues," Warner told the student newspaper. "It happens more than you realize it. I didn't make any character judgments."

So, why is it that the media and these misguided youths didn't ask any tough questions or raise any issues about Edwards' character? At the same time, the same people wouldn't think twice about reminding us about Don Sherwood's affair over 2 years ago. This goes to show that there is no unbias in the media.

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