Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poll report - Exeter Township, PA (Route 92) Part 2

As with any other election where poll watchers are asked for, I volunteered for my local precinct. Generally Exeter Township sees around 700 voters on a good election. By 4:00 this afternoon, we saw over 800 (approximately 50% of the registered voters in our township). From casual observation I noted that about half of the people who came in to vote were registered republican. This is by no means an indication as to how the election will go for any particular candidate - even in Exeter Township.

It is a shame that such a large turnout does not occur every election.

Here's another plug for the Mt. Zion Volunteer Fire Company: If you're voting in Exeter Township, please be sure to stop by and by a cup of coffee or soda, or even a hot dog or whimpie or cake - you get the idea.

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