Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna hear a good joke? Doherty for Governor

This moron can't lead the people of Scranton out of a paper bag, let alone a financially distressed Commonwealth. After all, his handling of the city's budget is disgraceful. Can we also talk about his reputation for falsely using a "revitalize Scranton" effort to play the kickback game while ostracizing small businesses (like Buono's Pizza)? The fact that he's considering a run for the highest state office is a joke. Even more funny is how delusional he thinks his reputation in Scranton is - actual quote below with the truth uncovered in [brackets]:

"We're building a better Scranton by creating [no] new jobs, investing in our [buddies to helped me get reelected but we'll call it improvement in our] infrastructure, attracting [absolutely zero] new business and supporting our [pride and joy, the Office, while shitting on] existing ones."

At the present moment, there are 6 people (3 republicans and 3 democrats) who are considering running for governor next year:

Congressman Jim Gerlach (R) - governorship would be a step down for him
Pat Meehan (R) - former Delaware County DA who is trying to run on the Maverick platform, and from a distance without my glasses on he kinda looks like Bob Casey.
Tom Corbett (R) - the most likely GOP candidate.
Jack Wagner (D) - auditor general
Tom Knox (D) - businessman and my favorite democrat candidate so far.

The Commonwealth of PA doesn't need a candidate who has no sense of fiscal responsibility. The citizens of PA need someone who can turn things around. Chris Doherty is not the man for the job. I think the best candidate thus far who stepped up to the plate - hold on to your seat - is Tom Knox. Tom Corbett comes a close second. It would be interesting to see these two have a close race.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sotomayor in the hot seat

With a liberal President there is no doubt that Sotomayor, the racist bitch from NY who thinks she's better than any white male judge simply because she's Latina, will indeed press the liberals' and her own racist agenda. The clues are all in her own words:

"Congress makes the laws. The job of a judge is to apply the law."
Really? the role of a Supreme Court Judge is to uphold the Constitution, not apply the liberal laws that Congress puts in place.

"A wise Latina judge would usually reach better conclusions than a white man." I smell discrimination here, especially when you look at the fact that she was outraged over the Supreme Court's decision that New Haven firefighters were indeed practicing reverse discrimination.

Putting a racist with a skewed political agenda in the position as a Supreme Court Justice is not only dangerous and stupid, it is yet another advancement towards socialism. A liberal President and Congress are already hellbent on destroying the very moral fiber of our country and our national identity while throwing us into a nanny state. Give the third branch of our government the same agenda, and we will give the government complete control over the people. Thank you again for voting for One Big Ass Mistake America.