Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna hear a good joke? Doherty for Governor

This moron can't lead the people of Scranton out of a paper bag, let alone a financially distressed Commonwealth. After all, his handling of the city's budget is disgraceful. Can we also talk about his reputation for falsely using a "revitalize Scranton" effort to play the kickback game while ostracizing small businesses (like Buono's Pizza)? The fact that he's considering a run for the highest state office is a joke. Even more funny is how delusional he thinks his reputation in Scranton is - actual quote below with the truth uncovered in [brackets]:

"We're building a better Scranton by creating [no] new jobs, investing in our [buddies to helped me get reelected but we'll call it improvement in our] infrastructure, attracting [absolutely zero] new business and supporting our [pride and joy, the Office, while shitting on] existing ones."

At the present moment, there are 6 people (3 republicans and 3 democrats) who are considering running for governor next year:

Congressman Jim Gerlach (R) - governorship would be a step down for him
Pat Meehan (R) - former Delaware County DA who is trying to run on the Maverick platform, and from a distance without my glasses on he kinda looks like Bob Casey.
Tom Corbett (R) - the most likely GOP candidate.
Jack Wagner (D) - auditor general
Tom Knox (D) - businessman and my favorite democrat candidate so far.

The Commonwealth of PA doesn't need a candidate who has no sense of fiscal responsibility. The citizens of PA need someone who can turn things around. Chris Doherty is not the man for the job. I think the best candidate thus far who stepped up to the plate - hold on to your seat - is Tom Knox. Tom Corbett comes a close second. It would be interesting to see these two have a close race.


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