Monday, November 3, 2008

Are Obama supporters going too far?

Charles Karel Bouley, an evening and weekend host at KGO radio in San Francisco, was caught on tape 2 days ago saying he wants Joe the Plumber dead.

Here's the tape.

This asshole is nothing more than another socialist who is trying to destroy America. Together with Obama, these socialists are trying to take away our right to free speech. Obama's campaign and his supporters proved themselves to be nothing less than left wing socialists when they began investigating Joe the Plumber just because a working man asked the Obamessiah a question. How dare he?

Obama reminds me of two great speakers of the 20th century who preached change, got others behind them, and heavily investigated the private lives of individuals who opposed them (often getting their henchmen to put their opponents to death): Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

If you think I fell off the barstool, think about this:
Obama wants the government to run the people, not the people to run the government. It's the liberal way.
Obama and Biden want to take away your guns. Without guns we cannot defend ourselves against criminals or tyranny.
Many Obama supporters promote hatred and racism. The radio talk show host mentioned above is an Obama supporter. Also, take a look at this blog, written by a bunch of black racists.


Right Winger said...

It's so frustrating when every negative thing is being ignored by the media and the supporters of Obama. I almost wish he would win so I can watch them all crap their pants when he destroys everything. At least those of us who are informed are going to expect it. The blind Obama supporters are actually going to be surprised and hurt he's doing such things.

prsent said...

Right winger,

You might get your wish. I predict Obama's going to win by a very slim margin - I hope I'm wrong though.

With Obama as President, it will be proven that Biden's right: Obama will be tested and he's not ready to handle the dangers that may come about as a result of weak policy. This is an issue that would be a mute point if McCain wins. None of the lunatics who run fascist countries, like Iran, Libya, North Korea, or Russia, would dare test a McCain Presidency. Letting Obama win, as KAR mentioned on Gort, poses a grave national security threat.

I encourage all readers of this blog to purchase the book "the Day of Islam" by local author Paul Williams. It talks about a very real threat of the annihilation of the United States of America by use of nuclear weapons. We're not too far off from this threat when you think about it: Iran, thanks to North Korea, has the capability to produce the weapons; and Saudi Arabia and Russia have the money to fund the devastation.

On top of that, the voters are giving the libs a blank check to make a mockery of conservative ideals and pervert the US Constitution.

Give Obama 4 years, and we won't recognize this country.