Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barack Obama's Cult of Personality

Barack Obama is popular because of something called cult of personality. He is a very charismatic speaker who has the ability to sucker people into his ideals. There was another great speaker in the 1940's who was able to do the same thing. I found some similarities between Obama's acceptance speech and the Tiumph of the Will speech by Adolf Hitler. See if you can find them.


Anonymous said...

You are comparing Obama to Hitler???
What kind of kook are you?

Hitler had a different agenda. He turned Germany round by blaming the jews. Whos Barack blaming??? He's just trying to push the issues that matter.

prsent said...

Wow, anonymous, you are just an observant character, aren't you?

Are you implying that Barack Obama is blaming nobody? Look back at his angry acceptance speech when half opf his empty words were used to attack the republican party. He blames the republican party for every failure and adversity liberals and welfare recipients face in America today: failure to get up off one's ass and get a job; failure to secure an education that would entitle one to good benefits; recognizing that achieving the American Dream means going on disabliltiy; not everyone can be independently wealthy unless they play the powerball.

Obama is using propoganda to energize a crowd and get people to follow a shallow leader who's only attribute is charisma. People who follow him to the ends of the earth think he's the answer to all the world's problems. They fail to see him as an inexperienced nutjob with an agenda to destroy America and isolate the USA from the rest of the world for the purpose of spreading socialism.

Hitler also was a charismatic leader who was also a nutjob and an inexperienced person who convinced an entire country to rely on its government while pushing his own agenda.

You tell me what the difference is between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler. I see none.