Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My take on the Reassessment

Before I give you my take on the reassessment of Luzerne County properties, let me take you to a post that my late, great friend Eddy had about the debit card debacle (pay attention to the last paragraph when he warns you that the libs are going to get even with the taxpayers):

Now that Petrillas Fellas got their *sses kicked by the media with this whole debit card debachle the Luzerne County Democrats are going to use the liberal playbook to take their frustrations on the very people who they are supposed to serve. Scrapneck and the rest of the Children of the Valley (I'll explain this title later) are now embarrassed that the people of the Luzerne County exposed their cronies for who they really are. They should be embarrassed!!! Especially for using taxpayer dollars for illegitimate expenses:

Hey let's use a county debit card for a couple of lap dances so that our wives don't see the charges!!! Oops! Now the whole county knows what pigs we are.

Not only should these d*ckheads be embarrassed but they should also be charged for fraud and illegal use of taxpayer dollars. Now as this whole mess unravels we will see the Children of the Valley stick it to the taxpayers for exposing them like Vegas strippers.

After all the Children of the Valley can never do any wrong. The Luzerne County Democrats are so corrupt and the voters of Luzerne County let them get away with everything but the Democrats of Luzerne County are like the voters' spoiled little children because they can do no wrong in the taxpayers' eyes. This is why I unaffectionately call them the Children of the Valley. Thank you registered democrats for f*cking up the valley and making Luzerne County the f*cking laughing stock of the commonwealth!!!

So beware voters and taxpayers!!! Petrilla's Fellas aint done yet!!! Now that they're exposed and embarrassed they will get even with you!!! If you think I'm crazy you will soon find out I am right.

Eddy, you were right. There is a new way for the dems to spend our money in Vegas, balance their budgets, spend our money on hookers and strippers, find a missing $9 million, cheat on their wives out of town on our money, get even with the taxpayers, and use their debit cards for some worthwhile lap dances. It's called the reassessment.

Funny how this whole reassessment thing was pushed back and pushed back until - oops - we found out our money was used for lap dances in Vegas (and we weren't invited).

I'm not going to blame the democrats entirely for this action - After all, anyone getting serviced while servicing our county deserves some props - thanks Bill Clinton for serving the precedent.

Let's face it, the voters are to blame, too. After all, who put them in office and keep re-electing them and letting them get away with this?

Also to blame is the former head of the county republicans, Lynn Villano.

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