Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is McCain's VP Pick

It's official:

The current Alaska governor, 44 year old, Sarah Palin is John McCain's Veep. She will prove to be a great piece of asset to the campaign. She also carries with her a great set of values.

Now that we got the puns out of the way, let's really examine this pick:

I said on Gort's blog a few weeks ago that McCain desperately needs a conservative running mate who will also allow him to be perceived as a maverick. McCain himself is not a conservative, and real republicans know it. Sarah Palin is the most suited for the role as VP to keep McCain's image as a maverick and someone who is not afraid to shake things up in DC; bring on board some conservative voters; swing democrat voters away from Obama; and attract undecided voters.

Mrs. Palin's reputation as one who is not afraid to challenge her own party, challenge big oil, cut spending, and tackle corruption definitely makes her a maverick and reinforces McCain's image. Her views are different than McCain's in the respect that she's a conservative.

She is also a viable threat to the Obama camp - and the dems know it as proven in their harsh, yet foolish statement (She was mayor of a town of 9,000 with no foreign policy experience). Last time I checked, the only foreign policy experience Obama has was when the messiah went on his world tour. Obama also lacks experience. She's youthful, has executive experience, and female - something Hillary supporters may look positively on.

What I like most is that the Palin announcement in Dayton, OH had cheerleaders - because that's very important in politics. And it's because of the cheerleaders why I am no longer undecided. Go McCain/Palin!

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