Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden is Obama's VP choice

Now that Obama finally made his VP choice, the media will have to find something else to write about the democrats' Messiah.

Even though I am a die-hard conservative republican, I will try to be as objective as possible with my opinion on Obama's VP choice:

What can I say, Joe Biden is actually a great choice for the (soon-to-be-official) democratic Presidential candidate. I think he really fills in the gaps for Obama, who sucks at foreign policy and has very little experience on the Federal level. Biden's been on the Federal scene over over 30 years, and his experience with foreign relations makes the democratic team one that will be tough to beat. Joe Biden will help Obama win Pennsylvania (Biden's home state) and Delaware.
There are a few things I would be concerned about if I were Obama:

  • Biden's voting record on abortion leans pro-life. Obama is pro-choice.
  • On the issue of gay marriage, Biden is middle-of the road (Civil union OK, but don't call it marriage).

Things that are similar between Obama and Biden:
  • Both are liberal on fiscal policy issues.
  • Both are against wiretapping
  • Both are pro-affirmative action
  • Both are liberal on education policies
  • Both oppose offshore drilling
  • Both have anti-family records
  • Both support liberal policies for just about everything else under the sun
For any republican that was suckered into thinking Obama's going to save this nation, think again.

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