Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin slams the libs and shows herself to be a threat to the left

I don't know what to say except that Sarah Palin stood up very well to the leftists and the liberal media last night. What conservatives really don't mention about Palin since all the "truths" about her came out was that the leftist media came out in full force on Osama's (oops, I meant Obama's) behalf because they see Palin as a threat to the Washington institution. She is a person of character and is not afraid to fight for what is right (anti-corruption; anti-spending; and anti-liberal agenda).

I think she shut them up. Notice how Obama's camp is quiet now. Even MSNBC and CNN have little to say.

What I love about her speech last night - besides she mentioned Scranton - was that she was Reaganesque, proving that conservatism isn't dead. She spoke elloquently and calmly, while making sound arguments.

Also, if you saw Rudy and Romni speak you can see how the GOP is charged up about her being the VP nominee. They also spoke the truth about the liberal messiah: he has done nothing material since entering public service.

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