Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interdependence Day - another liberal attempt to destroy America

It's disgusting how the libs hate to have you remember 9/11. In a desperate attempt to have us forget, they created "Interdependece Day" exactly one year after our nation was brutally attacked by Islamofascists in an attempt to recognize social issues that bind people globally and inject liberal feel-good philosophies on our youth.

It doesn't surprise me that local colleges are replacing 9/11 commemorative events with the 6th Annual Interdependence Day garbage. It's just another attempt to have the liberals take away our freedoms. By forgetting 9/11 and erasing it form our minds, the liberals can easier infuse their anti-American philosophy and agenda on us. Folks, don't be fooled by the liberal agenda.

The hell with Liberal Agenda. Let us never forget 9/11.

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