Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama shows failure to exercise leadership.... again

In the latest news, we have a big financial problem in this country which could very well lead us to another depression if it's not fixed. Banks and other financial institutions will be forced to close, causing a huge financial meltdown: Warren Buffet calls the credit crisis the "economic Pearl Harbor."

President Bush - in a rare instance - actually showed himself to be somewhat intelligent when speaking about this issue. He finally showed that not all his brain cells were killed by coke and beer. Bush is insisting on a bailout and he wants the problem solved ASAP, noting that this is one of the few times he would say that government intervention is desperately needed and justified. If we let the market solve its own problems this time around our country will be in bad shape. I agree.

I don't care whether you're republican, democrat, left, right, independent, etc., you have to agree that we don't want to see a bombshell drop on our economy. We want to prevent people from losing their homes, business owners from losing their livelihood, people from losing their jobs, etc.

John McCain put a hold on campaigning for President until this issue is resolved. He decided to head to DC and made a commitment to help solve this problem putting this country's problems first. This, to me, shows real leadership.

The Obamessiah, however, did not exercise this kind of leadership. He did not show anything except his true self: a do-nothing person who is afraid of making any real decisions. Instead of focusing on the economy, he's focused on staying on the campaign trail, insisting on being seen on TV and heard by millions of his lib followers. I guess that's what you get out of a community organizer with no executive experience.

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