Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's GB going to do after he leaves office?


Gort said...

Wow, You're becoming fair and balanced with your snark.

prsent said...


While I do lean towards the right on many issues, I wouldn't say that I am a mind-numbed robot who just checks the box on everything that the republican party stands for. Bush, like any politician, has done some good and bad things while in office - perhaps some of his most memorable things while in office were just horrible: failure to exercise proper leadership with Katrina; focusing on Iraq instead of Afghanistan; failure to capture Bin Laden; and exercising weak foreign policy with Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Every President is remembered for some kind of dominant or recurring theme. For example, Gerald Ford was regarded as a clutz and Clinton will always be remembered as the man who couldn't keep his hands off his interns. George Bush will always be remembered as the President who lacked intellect.