Tuesday, September 16, 2008

COMING SOON: definition of "community organizer"

Folks, throughout this campaign, we have heard much about the Obamessiah being a community organizer in Chicago. We heard Sarah Palin and FoxNews poke fun at the Obamessiah for using the phrase "community organizer" mainly because the American public does not exactly know what a community organizer is or does.

To make matters worse, the democrats cannot answer the simple question: What is a community organizer, and what are the roles and responsibilities that come with this title?

Furthermore, is the role of a community organizer one that can qualify someone to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world?

I will - in an unbiased attempt - uncover the meaning of community organizer by using scholarly resources printed prior to 2006. Scholarly resources (i.e., peer reviewed articles published in journals or some kind of trade publication) provide the best resources when trying to uncover and explain things in an unbiased manner. Further, since Obama's decision to run for the office of President officially began at least 24 months ago, I will stay away from any article that is less than 2 years old (for the purposes of eliminating bias from those who might paint a more colorful picture of the title of community organizer in support of his bid for President). Once the research is complete, I will provide you with my results.

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Anonymous said...

keep in mind - Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.