Friday, September 5, 2008

O'Reilly interviews Obama Part 1

After watching the tape of part 1, the messiah was at a loss for words. There were as many uhmms and ahhs as Bush takes to order something off the Ruth Chris menu once Obama began to answer O'Reilly's first question. I believe Obama's inexperience - particularly with foreign policy - began to shine. You can obviously see he was coached to answer foreign policy questions by Biden, but didn't know enough yet to speak in his normal eloquence.

Obama also showed his reluctance to use force on Iran. He claims that we haven't exhausted all resources yet. I will agree that we should use force as a last resort in many cases; however, when dealing with tyrants other methods do not work and only buy the other side more time. Imagine if Kennedy tried to use diplomacy with USSR and Cuba during the missile crisis. Imagine if we tried to negotiate with Hitler. We can't negotiate with Iran, because when you're dealing with terrorists it's either us or them.

Overall, it was no surprise that Bill would put Barack through the ringer. He was more courteous with Obama than I would expect, and Obama did OK defending himself in part 1.

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