Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin interviewed by Couric

I know I'm a little late responding to the interview, I still want to provide my input. I finally got around to sitting in front of the TV and watching the recorded sessions on my DVR. Folks, I'm a little concerned about the republican running mate. I know she's intelligent, conservative, and very successful as a politician, but Sarah Palin really blew it. This is going to be difficult to recover from.

This interview was very painful to watch. It ranks on the pain scale somewhere between castration and pulling out pubes with tweezers.

I know a lot of my friends on the right are going to criticize me for being so harsh, and they're willing to defend her to the world's end claiming that the liberal media had her pinned. The liberal media went easy on Obama, further showing their bias towards the left. Anyone who has a clear understanding of critical thinking knows that the interviews with Obama (with the exception of Bill O'Reilly) were poorly conducted because there were no tough questions asked. These Obama interviews were a dog and pony show at best. A good interview should contain tough questions, and the interviewee should be prepared for curve balls (As a side note, we have 2 really great interviewers in this area: Gort and Sue Henry - they're not afraid to ask tough questions. They also ask these tough questions without trying to corner the interviewee or push their personal agenda. They do it to qualify the interviewee).

It's understandable to mess up or fumble through a few tough questions, but Palin was totally unprepared to answer even mediocre questions. (OK, here's where I'm really going to get criticized by fellow conservatives.) I don't blame the liberal media for making her look bad this time. I blame the campaign's management for not prepping her. Unless you're extremely knowledgeable and confident in a particular field or area, you shouldn't go into an interview unprepared.

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Gort said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'll be interviewing Chris Carney this week. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him let me know.