Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama is NO Jesus

So, now the left really believes that Obama is Jesus??? Can they get any crazier than that? This is just proof to show you that the left is just so far out of touch with reality that they are beginning to label their own candidate as the new messiah (the end times are near, folks). I wonder if they think Palin is going to kill Obama or if they are trying to brainwash people into thinking that being a governor is not qualification for President or Vice President. Think again, Libs, because here are just a few Presidents/VPs who were governors (the ones in bold face were democrats):

Theodore Roosevelt (NY)
Franklin Delanor Roosevelt (NY)
Calvin Coolidge (MA)
Nelson Rockefeller (NY)
Thomas Jefferson (VA)
Martin Van Buren (NY)
Thomas Woodrow Wilson (NJ)
Jimmy Carter (GA)
Ronald Reagan (CA)
Bill Clinton (AS)

So please tell me how a governor doesn't qualify to be a VP or President?

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