Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barack Obama's Cult of Personality

Barack Obama is popular because of something called cult of personality. He is a very charismatic speaker who has the ability to sucker people into his ideals. There was another great speaker in the 1940's who was able to do the same thing. I found some similarities between Obama's acceptance speech and the Tiumph of the Will speech by Adolf Hitler. See if you can find them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Palin is the team to beat this November

When you have a chance, take a look at Sarah "barracuda" Palin's speech to accept the GOP VP nomination. She has charisma that can match Obama's. She is more passionate than Obama about this country, and she'll take away the Hillary supporters from Obama. Most importantly, she is as conservative as they get. Obama's cheap attempt to discredit her was pathetic at most and shows that he can't compete even with Biden as his VEEP.

Sarah Palin is McCain's VP Pick

It's official:

The current Alaska governor, 44 year old, Sarah Palin is John McCain's Veep. She will prove to be a great piece of asset to the campaign. She also carries with her a great set of values.

Now that we got the puns out of the way, let's really examine this pick:

I said on Gort's blog a few weeks ago that McCain desperately needs a conservative running mate who will also allow him to be perceived as a maverick. McCain himself is not a conservative, and real republicans know it. Sarah Palin is the most suited for the role as VP to keep McCain's image as a maverick and someone who is not afraid to shake things up in DC; bring on board some conservative voters; swing democrat voters away from Obama; and attract undecided voters.

Mrs. Palin's reputation as one who is not afraid to challenge her own party, challenge big oil, cut spending, and tackle corruption definitely makes her a maverick and reinforces McCain's image. Her views are different than McCain's in the respect that she's a conservative.

She is also a viable threat to the Obama camp - and the dems know it as proven in their harsh, yet foolish statement (She was mayor of a town of 9,000 with no foreign policy experience). Last time I checked, the only foreign policy experience Obama has was when the messiah went on his world tour. Obama also lacks experience. She's youthful, has executive experience, and female - something Hillary supporters may look positively on.

What I like most is that the Palin announcement in Dayton, OH had cheerleaders - because that's very important in politics. And it's because of the cheerleaders why I am no longer undecided. Go McCain/Palin!

Dan Meuser leaves Pride, stays in politics

Gort, thanks for bringing this one up :)

This is from his site:

A few days ago Meuser announced that he departing Pride Mobility to pursue a full-time career in public service. He has been on an extended leave of absence from the firm after losing his bid for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District in the April primary.
"I have always had a strong interest in government affairs on the federal, state and local level. My recent venture into politics, combined with my leadership of Pride Mobility’s government affairs initiatives, solidified my desire to pursue community- and government-related endeavors full time,” Meuser said in a press release. “I am grateful to be in a position to pursue my ambitions, and look forward to continuing my active involvement with initiatives that ideally, will benefit the residents in our local communities and beyond.”

The full story can be found on

My opinion:
I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with Dan. While I don't know him as well as others do, I must admit that he left quite a positive first impression.

Meuser is definitely grooming himself for another shot at office somewhere in the region. There is no doubt in my mind that with the right people around him, Dan Meuser can be a fine politician and would do well representing the people he seeks to get support from. I would not be surprised if he is planning to vie for another chance for Congress in 2010 (or perhaps the Senate). The PA GOP officials are still shell shocked over the primary election and my guess is that the party elitists are a little reluctant to throw their support behind Hackett: they'll support him anyway because he is who the voters chose and they would rather see a republican in office than Carney.

Unfortunately, if you are judged by the company you keep, then Meuser's self-proclaimed henchman Kevin (AKA kar) provides a less floral picture of the man. Kar is a loose cannon who hasn't one ounce of class, decency, or brain cells. Every time Kar opens his mouth, he tarnishes Dan's image. Kar's negative attitude, over-competitive nature, and desire to put everyone down (to make himself feel better - probably to compensate for something) are not exactly the characteristics I would want representing my organization - I am certain that as a successful businessman Meuser would not want that either. I just hope that Meuser realizes that he has an idiot like Kar representing him and that this is an issue that needs to be addressed if he wants any chance of a successful political career.

I sincerely wish Dan Meuser a lot of luck in his endeavors and would be willing to support him in the future.

McCain set to announce VP choice today

It's no secret that I am still on the fence about the Presidential race this year. Neither candidate will do any good for our nation: both candidates are a joke. Every time I hear McCain and GOP Presidential candidate in the same sentence, I cringe - it makes me wonder if there are any real republicans left standing. Every time I point out the faults of our party and make even a mere mention that the GOP is not the same party as it was 20 years ago (or even 20 months ago), I get a lot of hate mail and reminders as to why the republican elite despises me.

Yes, our party has lost its way. McCain as our candidate is proof of this. I am unsure of whether I should vote for the white haired dude - I mean RINO - or the guy who actually admits to being a liberal.

The self-proclaimed maverick is set to announce his VP choice this afternoon. I will fully comment on his - I mean the GOP's - selection when the time comes. If you don't know by now, the party really selects the running mate. Remember Reagan's personal pick being thrown out the window?

Even though the media isn't making this selection to be a nail biter like they did for their messiah I will probably sit at the edge of my seat this afternoon waiting to find out.

Oh.. I almost forgot: Senator McCain, all politics aside, happy 72nd birthday.

Proof that the media is liberal

Here are a few things that show how liberal the media really is:

  • They follow Obama to the ends of the Earth and cling to his every word as though he is their savior.
  • The media made you want to bite your nails waiting for Obama to make his announcement for VP choice.
  • The media made you want to think that Obama's speech last night was going to be the biggest event ever - even bigger than the Olympics.
  • The media makes little mention or brings out any excitement about the fact that McCain is about to make his VP choice public this afternoon.
  • The media makes little mention of the fact that there is another convention coming soon.

Obama's acceptance speech thrills libs

No doubt: Obama's ability to speak in public is top-notch. He can rally people with his charisma, much like Billy boy did in the 1990's.

FoxNews last night interviewed people who watched his speech, and they seemed to be really moved - of course it doesn't take much to make a lib get excited so long you use key phrases. I found it amusing that some people were so elated with joy after their messiah spoke that they were in tears and the women spoke as if they were in the middle of an orgasm (Oh Obama moved me like nobody ever did before... ohh oohh yess) or just washed their hair with Herbal Essence shampoo.

I was moved by his speech too - I moved right to the toilet to start puking.

In my opinion, there was no substance in his speech. He never discussed any specifics or elaborated on the nightmares of having a republican President for the last 8 years. He never unveiled any specifics about his plan for America. He talks about change we can believe in and promised to spell out C-H-A-N-G-E. Like any politician, he broke his promise. Using one-liners and campaign rhetoric does not provide specifics. For example:

Obama said it's time to protect Social Security for future generations - I ask how, Mr. Obama, do you plan to do this?

He said he would cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families - again, Mr. Obama, how do you plan to do this?

Perhaps there is a reason why he failed to unveil specifics: could it be that there is no feasible way to implement these changes without cutting spending and earmarks (the pork barreling that makes liberal democrats like Obama act like kids when they get their hands in the cookie jar)?

MY overall opinion on Obama's speech: Obama has revealed himself last night as nothing more than a typical politician. He talked a lot but said little.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pickens Plan

If you haven't seen the commercials yet on TV or heard them on radio, Pickens wants to reduce our dependency on foreign oil by putting up windmills in the midwest. After doing some research, putting up windmills in the midwest definitely gives us a viable source of alternate energy and I support the idea because rural America can earn some passive income while leasing their land to put up windmills while we get electricity from sources other than coal and nuclear energy.

Here's the problem with the plan: windmills don't reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

His plan, however, does discuss shifting our dependency from oil for cars to natural gas and biofuels. The problem is that we're still far off from getting this done. I support the idea, but hope that it doesn't include government subsidies to entice companies to come up with the technology to make it happen. The last thing we need is more pork barreling.

Hillary's speech is a dud; McCain is leading in polls

I'm sorry, but for the hyped up speech that Hillary Clinton was supposed to give, the best we get is "no way... no how... no McCain"

It was no surprise that Clinton asked for party unity, but her supporters fail to listen. The Clintonistas won't give up, and it's beginning to hurt the party. I am convinced that McCain wouldn't be gaining in the polls if the Clintonistas just licked their wounds and got behind Obama, and if Clinton didn't make the stupid mistake of attacking her fellow democrat opponent within the primary. Anything you say against a fellow party opponent in the primary race is fuel for the other side. It also represents a schism within the party.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden is Obama's VP choice

Now that Obama finally made his VP choice, the media will have to find something else to write about the democrats' Messiah.

Even though I am a die-hard conservative republican, I will try to be as objective as possible with my opinion on Obama's VP choice:

What can I say, Joe Biden is actually a great choice for the (soon-to-be-official) democratic Presidential candidate. I think he really fills in the gaps for Obama, who sucks at foreign policy and has very little experience on the Federal level. Biden's been on the Federal scene over over 30 years, and his experience with foreign relations makes the democratic team one that will be tough to beat. Joe Biden will help Obama win Pennsylvania (Biden's home state) and Delaware.
There are a few things I would be concerned about if I were Obama:

  • Biden's voting record on abortion leans pro-life. Obama is pro-choice.
  • On the issue of gay marriage, Biden is middle-of the road (Civil union OK, but don't call it marriage).

Things that are similar between Obama and Biden:
  • Both are liberal on fiscal policy issues.
  • Both are against wiretapping
  • Both are pro-affirmative action
  • Both are liberal on education policies
  • Both oppose offshore drilling
  • Both have anti-family records
  • Both support liberal policies for just about everything else under the sun
For any republican that was suckered into thinking Obama's going to save this nation, think again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My take on the Reassessment

Before I give you my take on the reassessment of Luzerne County properties, let me take you to a post that my late, great friend Eddy had about the debit card debacle (pay attention to the last paragraph when he warns you that the libs are going to get even with the taxpayers):

Now that Petrillas Fellas got their *sses kicked by the media with this whole debit card debachle the Luzerne County Democrats are going to use the liberal playbook to take their frustrations on the very people who they are supposed to serve. Scrapneck and the rest of the Children of the Valley (I'll explain this title later) are now embarrassed that the people of the Luzerne County exposed their cronies for who they really are. They should be embarrassed!!! Especially for using taxpayer dollars for illegitimate expenses:

Hey let's use a county debit card for a couple of lap dances so that our wives don't see the charges!!! Oops! Now the whole county knows what pigs we are.

Not only should these d*ckheads be embarrassed but they should also be charged for fraud and illegal use of taxpayer dollars. Now as this whole mess unravels we will see the Children of the Valley stick it to the taxpayers for exposing them like Vegas strippers.

After all the Children of the Valley can never do any wrong. The Luzerne County Democrats are so corrupt and the voters of Luzerne County let them get away with everything but the Democrats of Luzerne County are like the voters' spoiled little children because they can do no wrong in the taxpayers' eyes. This is why I unaffectionately call them the Children of the Valley. Thank you registered democrats for f*cking up the valley and making Luzerne County the f*cking laughing stock of the commonwealth!!!

So beware voters and taxpayers!!! Petrilla's Fellas aint done yet!!! Now that they're exposed and embarrassed they will get even with you!!! If you think I'm crazy you will soon find out I am right.

Eddy, you were right. There is a new way for the dems to spend our money in Vegas, balance their budgets, spend our money on hookers and strippers, find a missing $9 million, cheat on their wives out of town on our money, get even with the taxpayers, and use their debit cards for some worthwhile lap dances. It's called the reassessment.

Funny how this whole reassessment thing was pushed back and pushed back until - oops - we found out our money was used for lap dances in Vegas (and we weren't invited).

I'm not going to blame the democrats entirely for this action - After all, anyone getting serviced while servicing our county deserves some props - thanks Bill Clinton for serving the precedent.

Let's face it, the voters are to blame, too. After all, who put them in office and keep re-electing them and letting them get away with this?

Also to blame is the former head of the county republicans, Lynn Villano.

This is who we have as a Presidential candidate?

You gotta be fucking kidding me. John Fucking McCain?????

The guy doesn't resemble anything that made our party great over 20 years ago. This old fart will make our party no different than some wacko independent who can't decide whether he/she should be republican or democrat. He says he's a trooper in the Reagan army, but must be suffering from dementia. The only time he sounded like Reagan was when he sat with Rev. Warren. If he sounded like this from day one I might actually cast my vote for him without reserve.

How can someone who helped pass bills like McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy say he's a conservative?

If this guy is our candidate, I'll act like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand. No matter who's elected, we might as well put ourselves in the crash position: Ladies and gentlemen put you head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye

Please allow me to introduce myself

...didn't mean to rip off the Rolling Stones, but I couldn't find a better one liner to start my first blog entry.

I am a die hard conservative republican who also believes in preserving the US Constitution. After running for office in 2008 I realized that there is no place for an honest person in politics - funny how people complain about crooked politicians but don't want to support one who isn't.

My former competitor in business who eventually became my friend (Eddy, the Angry Republican) stopped blogging a while ago while battling throat cancer. He eventually moved to Texas to be closer to his daughter to spend the rest of his life in hospice. Sadly, Eddy died two weeks ago. I was fortunate to be one of the few people to be in the room when he passed on. I made a promise to Eddy that I would continue his rants and ravings online by starting a blog of my own.

Eddy - this one's for you. I know you're probably rolling in your grave, but I hope you're looking down with Dutch looking at this nation and our once great party with pity.