Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin interviewed by Couric

I know I'm a little late responding to the interview, I still want to provide my input. I finally got around to sitting in front of the TV and watching the recorded sessions on my DVR. Folks, I'm a little concerned about the republican running mate. I know she's intelligent, conservative, and very successful as a politician, but Sarah Palin really blew it. This is going to be difficult to recover from.

This interview was very painful to watch. It ranks on the pain scale somewhere between castration and pulling out pubes with tweezers.

I know a lot of my friends on the right are going to criticize me for being so harsh, and they're willing to defend her to the world's end claiming that the liberal media had her pinned. The liberal media went easy on Obama, further showing their bias towards the left. Anyone who has a clear understanding of critical thinking knows that the interviews with Obama (with the exception of Bill O'Reilly) were poorly conducted because there were no tough questions asked. These Obama interviews were a dog and pony show at best. A good interview should contain tough questions, and the interviewee should be prepared for curve balls (As a side note, we have 2 really great interviewers in this area: Gort and Sue Henry - they're not afraid to ask tough questions. They also ask these tough questions without trying to corner the interviewee or push their personal agenda. They do it to qualify the interviewee).

It's understandable to mess up or fumble through a few tough questions, but Palin was totally unprepared to answer even mediocre questions. (OK, here's where I'm really going to get criticized by fellow conservatives.) I don't blame the liberal media for making her look bad this time. I blame the campaign's management for not prepping her. Unless you're extremely knowledgeable and confident in a particular field or area, you shouldn't go into an interview unprepared.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama shows failure to exercise leadership.... again

In the latest news, we have a big financial problem in this country which could very well lead us to another depression if it's not fixed. Banks and other financial institutions will be forced to close, causing a huge financial meltdown: Warren Buffet calls the credit crisis the "economic Pearl Harbor."

President Bush - in a rare instance - actually showed himself to be somewhat intelligent when speaking about this issue. He finally showed that not all his brain cells were killed by coke and beer. Bush is insisting on a bailout and he wants the problem solved ASAP, noting that this is one of the few times he would say that government intervention is desperately needed and justified. If we let the market solve its own problems this time around our country will be in bad shape. I agree.

I don't care whether you're republican, democrat, left, right, independent, etc., you have to agree that we don't want to see a bombshell drop on our economy. We want to prevent people from losing their homes, business owners from losing their livelihood, people from losing their jobs, etc.

John McCain put a hold on campaigning for President until this issue is resolved. He decided to head to DC and made a commitment to help solve this problem putting this country's problems first. This, to me, shows real leadership.

The Obamessiah, however, did not exercise this kind of leadership. He did not show anything except his true self: a do-nothing person who is afraid of making any real decisions. Instead of focusing on the economy, he's focused on staying on the campaign trail, insisting on being seen on TV and heard by millions of his lib followers. I guess that's what you get out of a community organizer with no executive experience.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

COMING SOON: definition of "community organizer"

Folks, throughout this campaign, we have heard much about the Obamessiah being a community organizer in Chicago. We heard Sarah Palin and FoxNews poke fun at the Obamessiah for using the phrase "community organizer" mainly because the American public does not exactly know what a community organizer is or does.

To make matters worse, the democrats cannot answer the simple question: What is a community organizer, and what are the roles and responsibilities that come with this title?

Furthermore, is the role of a community organizer one that can qualify someone to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world?

I will - in an unbiased attempt - uncover the meaning of community organizer by using scholarly resources printed prior to 2006. Scholarly resources (i.e., peer reviewed articles published in journals or some kind of trade publication) provide the best resources when trying to uncover and explain things in an unbiased manner. Further, since Obama's decision to run for the office of President officially began at least 24 months ago, I will stay away from any article that is less than 2 years old (for the purposes of eliminating bias from those who might paint a more colorful picture of the title of community organizer in support of his bid for President). Once the research is complete, I will provide you with my results.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Before I sign off for the weekend,

I wanted to let everyone know that the people who live within southern Texas and Louisiana are in my thoughts and prayers as Ike makes landfall

What's GB going to do after he leaves office?

Weekend humor - Obama dances in a diaper

Friday, September 12, 2008

I don't know what to make of this one :)

Motivational poster

Here's a shock

Realtor: Most Harveys Lake homes sell for under $200,000


I-80 toll issue is DEAD!!!!

The Times Leader reported that the Federal Highway Administration rejected the notion that I-80 should be tolled.

"The Federal Highway Administration said its decision to reject that plan was based, in part, on questions about whether the amount of money that would be paid by turnpike commission to the state Transportation Department was based on an “objective market valuation” of the highway.

“There is simply no evidence that the lease payments are related to the actual costs of acquiring an interest in the facility,” said Tom Madison, the federal highway administrator." (Times Leader, 2008).

In other words, Fast Eddy Rendell's proposal was shut down by the feds because the revenues from the tolls did not match up to what the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wanted to spend on the roads. In other words the Federal Highway Administration saw this as a porkbarrel fund, which goes to what I was saying when I ran for office:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania generates sufficient revenue from gas taxes and other sources of funding to maintain its roads, but wastefully spends those funds. Perhaps governor Rendell and Pennsylvania state lawmakers should learn how to be more responsible with tax dollars rather than creating an additional burden on taxpayers... I am against penalizing taxpayers for the legislators’ misuse of tax dollars.

The Federal Highway Administration made the right decision, but Ed Rendelliberal is still pushing for a solution to cover the cost of road improvements while writing blank checks to his buddies. Ed, as an accountant, let me give you some advice on how to feasibly solve the problems with PA roads:
  • Stop writing blank checks to your cronies
  • Stop using funds appropriated for road improvement for other things, like scarfing down cheesesteaks (on our tax dollars) before an Eagles game
  • Stop pushing for infrastructure development legislation on the basis that you're "eventually going to get the money". This kind of mentality (I'll write the check now and hope I get paid in time for it to clear) in accounting and business lingo is known as the inability to control cash flow - it's a fancier way of saying you're mishandling our money - and this is the same kind of mentality that causes many small businesses to go out of business. Bigger companies that make this mistake open themselves up to bankruptcy and fraud charges. I wonder what will happen to our state if Eddy keeps making this problem recur - It's a rhetorical question, folks. He's going to blame the republicans for the flaws in his own policies.
  • Cut wasteful spending, and you'll find ways to afford the infrastructure repair.
  • Increase the tax base by investing in economic development: bring in more businesses, bring in more jobs, and you will have additional funds without raising taxes.
  • Roll over fat boy and put someone who doesn't like pork in charge.

At least we have some bi-partisan applause of the fed's decision:
U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke: “I applaud the Federal Highway Administration for rejecting the application to toll on I-80. As I have said before, tolling on I-80 would negatively affect residents throughout Pennsylvania, but especially those in the Northeast. We must invest in projects that will benefit Pennsylvanians, and tolling on I-80 would have done just the opposite. I appreciate the effort of the Federal Highway Administration to review the application and appropriately deny tolling on I-80.”

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, R-Hazleton: “As Mayor of Hazleton and a member of the Alliance to Stop I-80 Tolling, I am very pleased to learn that the Secretary of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration have decided against the tolling of Interstate 80. The affects of tolls on I-80 would have been terrible for Hazleton and the surrounding area. The businesses, consumers and visitors to the area all would have suffered as a result.”

State Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township: “If this proves to be the end of the misguided attempt to toll I-80, the federal rejection comes as a major relief to area motorists, workers, and employers. Because Pennsylvania cannot afford to back away from the obligation to fix dangerous bridges and repair deteriorating roads, the search must begin for a more economically acceptable and fiscally responsible way of funding transportation improvements. The lesson from this is that it is too large a burden to put on just one part of the state. We must take the time to do it right – rushing to unload the Pennsylvania Turnpike, without extensive details publicly disclosed and without public support earned, will likely be substituting one bad decision for another.”

Remembering 9/11

I know many of you will think that this post is a day late, but I intentionally decided to make one post prior to 9/11 and one afterwards because we should remember this day every day, not just once a year. I feel the same way about other things in life, such as religion/spirituality: people should remember Christ every day, not just once a week. Let us never forget how terrible these events were seven years ago and how our country was changed since. Let us also never forget how we as individuals changed since 9/11. Most importantly, let us never forget our military personnel who are making the ultimate sacrifice to bring the individuals responsible for these horrid attacks to justice.

Obama gets drilled by O'Reilly, part 4

Obama discusses his plan to save us from our energy crisis and foreign policy.

Good points:
  • Supports Pickens Plan
  • In part 4, he actually is getting some control over the conversation over O'Reilly
Bad points:
  • Refuses to drill for oil
  • Let's use diplomacy to solve terrorism
  • Waffles on Russia
  • O'Reilly admits to having Botox

Obama gets drilled by O'Reilly, part 3

Here's the video.

Obama attempts to defend his pastor and other of his associations, such as Ayers,, Daily kos, etc. I think Obama did a piss poor job defending himself. Here are my favorite lines:
  • it's just classic "guilt by association"
  • I have conservative friends (but can't name any)

The liberals praise the Obamessiah

The Obamessiah walks on water

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama is NO Jesus

So, now the left really believes that Obama is Jesus??? Can they get any crazier than that? This is just proof to show you that the left is just so far out of touch with reality that they are beginning to label their own candidate as the new messiah (the end times are near, folks). I wonder if they think Palin is going to kill Obama or if they are trying to brainwash people into thinking that being a governor is not qualification for President or Vice President. Think again, Libs, because here are just a few Presidents/VPs who were governors (the ones in bold face were democrats):

Theodore Roosevelt (NY)
Franklin Delanor Roosevelt (NY)
Calvin Coolidge (MA)
Nelson Rockefeller (NY)
Thomas Jefferson (VA)
Martin Van Buren (NY)
Thomas Woodrow Wilson (NJ)
Jimmy Carter (GA)
Ronald Reagan (CA)
Bill Clinton (AS)

So please tell me how a governor doesn't qualify to be a VP or President?

McCain and Obama hold truce for today

In commemorance of 9/11, McCain and Obama agreed to not air negative ads against each other today.

Charlie Rangel in heat with IRS

Did you know that Charlie Rangel chairs the committee that writes the tax laws?

Did you also know that he is also in trouble with the IRS because he failed to report rental income he received over the past 20 years? This smells like tax evasion to me, especially when you consider the fact he underreported his income by $75,000. The property is not located in the US, but that doesn't stop the IRS from taxing the income received since the owner is a US citizen. Charlie Rangel should know that.

Charlie Rangel's excuse is that he didn't know he was supposed to report the income. C'mon Charlie, is that the best excuse you could use? Then, he blames his accountant for not advising him to include the rental income on the returns.

Sorry, Charlie, but I don't buy your excuses. You should know - since you write the tax laws - that it's not the accountant who is responsible for the information on the return - it is the taxpayer. You should also know that the income should have been included on your return - since you write the tax code.

...just another example of poor ethics from Mr. Rangel.

No apology from Obama

Obama put out a press conference yesterday to address the infamous lipstick comment and, instead of apologizing, he decides to defend his choice of words claiming that they were not aimed at Palin. American voters in all 50 states took it as an attack on Palin. Why doesn't Obama get it? Or is he too ignorant to admit he made a grave error?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's the difference between a liberal candidate and outright trash?


Before I go on with my political ranting on Barack Obama's lack of class, it is important for me to state that I am neither a racist nor a sexist. I don't care what color, race or creed someone is because I judge the person for his/her character. Folks, in this great country, we have people who are of great character and we also unfortunately have people of very little class. We all have heard terms for people of little or no class - and I dare not use them: I just group them up into one generic classification: trash.

Obama, in the past week, has shown himself to be someone who not only doesn't know how to pick his battles, but also shown himself to be someone with very little class, especially with this statement aimed at governor Sarah Palin:

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still going to stink after eight years."

The media only said that Obama called Sarah Palin a pig when he used the lipstick comment, but what the media missed the mark on was the deliberate intent for Obama to use sexism by referring to her as "an old [stinky] fish" - as in old, dirty vagina. Obama can't play defense well, so now he has to stoop down to a whole new level by using negative, sexist attributes which don't sit well with me.

With such horrid comments about women, I don't see how anyone can have any respect for Barack Hussein Obama. He has proven himself to be unpresidential, unprofessional, and trashy.

...and people want him as President?

Interdependence Day - another liberal attempt to destroy America

It's disgusting how the libs hate to have you remember 9/11. In a desperate attempt to have us forget, they created "Interdependece Day" exactly one year after our nation was brutally attacked by Islamofascists in an attempt to recognize social issues that bind people globally and inject liberal feel-good philosophies on our youth.

It doesn't surprise me that local colleges are replacing 9/11 commemorative events with the 6th Annual Interdependence Day garbage. It's just another attempt to have the liberals take away our freedoms. By forgetting 9/11 and erasing it form our minds, the liberals can easier infuse their anti-American philosophy and agenda on us. Folks, don't be fooled by the liberal agenda.

The hell with Liberal Agenda. Let us never forget 9/11.

Carney playing "typical democrat" election time games

Ok, kids: here's a quiz for you. Are you ready?

Question: what does an incumbent democrat refuse to do when running for re-election?

A. spend money
B. debate the issues
C. hire interns
D. go to the Diamond Club

I know it's a tough one, but the real answer is B. An incumbent democrat refuses to debate the issues when running for re-election. Carney is playing this game now just as Kanjorski has done so in the 11th for decades.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joe Leonardi speaks again...

...and as usual, he's right on the mark.

Like Dr. Leonardi, I wasn't surprised to see Sarah Palin to be picked to be McCain's VP. I called it weeks before it happened among my GOP friends (so for all those who think I'm crazy and have no clue about politics - you owe me a beer). If McCain wanted to show himself to be a maverick while gaining support from the conservative base, she was the only realistic choice.

But there are other great points about Sarah Palin that makes her more qualified to be in the White House than Barack Hussein Obama will ever be, and Dr. Joe Leonardi points them out better than anybody I know. Here are a few articles he wrote on Sarah Palin:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

His articles further emphasize my earlier point when Gretchen from Fox and Friends cried out why the feminists are not coming in Palin's defense: a strong, conservative woman doesn't need the help of liberal feminists.

Obama gets drilled by O'Reilly, part 2

This is part 2 of the Obama interview with Bill O'reilly

Personally, I think Obama handled himself better this time than in part 1. But at least we got a real answer from him about his economic plan - socialist wealth distribution (please boo accordingly).

The Obamessiah Chronicles, Part II

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Before I split for the day....

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and although I don't believe that it's a national holiday (yet), I'm taking the remainder of the day off to enjoy some other aspects of life like trout fishing :)

4th Teen in trouble over killing of an illegal alien

I first heard of this story on PA GOP insider's blog. Before coming to any conclusions, I decided to do a little research of my own on this case. Here are the facts as they are presented:

On July 12, 2008, 4 teenagers beat up an illegal alien from Mexico to a pulp in a street fight, somewhere in an alleyway in Shenandoa (AKA Shendo). Two days later, the man dies. Two of the boys are most likely to get away with lesser charges, one may face up to 40 years in prison, and the other one may end up being tried as an adult.

The liberal media somehow avoids the fact that the late Luis Ramirez is an illegal alien, but doesn't hesitate to acknowledge the fact that he has 3 kids and a fiance (all living here in the US - nothing indicates whether they live here legally or not). Court records and a few journalists indicate that he was an illegal. What is not known is how the fight started: it is only assumed by the leftist media that these caucasion high school kids decided to just gang up on Mr. Ramirez. Until the actual trial begins, no such presumptions should be made.

The liberal media and leftist bloggers are going out of their way to pound on Lou Barletta for his fascist stance on illegal alien reform and blame him for the death of Luis Ramirez. The leftists are blaming Barletta for what happened in Shendo, which happens to be a good 35 minute drive from Hazleton, where Lou Barletta is mayor. While I don't agree with the way Mayor Barletta decided to handle the illegal alien problem in Hazleton, he cannot be blamed for something that didn't occur in his own city, let alone county. First, Lou Barletta never promoted the use of violence to solve the problems with illegal aliens in Hazleton. Second, the problems that are occurring in Shendo have been continuing for over a decade. The city government and law enforcement officials within Shendo have been reluctant to be proactive in doing anything with racial tension in the city. The mayor of a town 35 minutes away from Shendo has nothing to do with the way Shenandoa's government is run. Third, when violence breaks out as a result of racial tension, people generally know to blame racist/supremist groups for brainwashing kids with their propoganda. No links between Lou Barletta and such groups are known to exist.

I don't see how Lou Barletta can be blamed for this, but one can use the snowball argument that if he wasn't so tough on illegal immigration reform in his own city they wouldn't have migrated to Shenandoa. The problem with this argument is that it would be difficult to prove and illogical to say that every illegal alien who left Hazleton moved to Shendo - you can't even state that a significant percentage moved there.

Aside from defending Lou Barletta, I only have a few more things to say about this case. The first one is that the city of Shenandoa and the city law enforcement officials failed to do anything about the illegal alien issue for years, and the lack of effort by the city has lead to a vigilante effort to remove the illegals. When your government does nothing, fed-up citizens are forced to take the problems into their own hands.

Lack of appropriate legislation exists to address the issue of illegal immigration on the federal level. The citizens want something done about the issue, but our government continues to prove itself to be one failure after another with respect to its people. Not doing anything is just as bad as doing the wrong thing.

Higher gas prices, higher unemployment, and lack of jobs are turning the illegals into scapegoats in cities like Shenandoa for hate groups. If it isn't evident yet, it soon will be. Coupled with the lack of government effort to resolve this issue, illegal immigration will become an even bigger disaster.

The media - without knowing all the facts - have already labeled this a hate crime. Again, we don't know what the facts are and should reserve judgment for when all facts are presented. It could very well be a hate crime, but there are other possibilities. For example, it is possible that Luis Ramirez instigated the fight; that there were more than the 4 kids on the one side involved and 1 illegal alien involved on the other side (could it be that Mr. Ramirez was hanging out with other illegals in the alleyway taunting the kids?); that Ramirez had a weapon, etc.
Until all the facts are known, nothing should be presumed.

Obamessiah Chronicles, Part I

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Behold, the messiah

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Obama ad he doesn't want you to see

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Barack Obama trying to address concerns that he's not black enough

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This just in: KKK endorses Obama

Just to be fair, here are some Obama spoofs

Messiah, the musical

Featuring the Ode to Obama as sung by Al Sharpton

A little Sarah Palin humor

But wait, there's more - enjoy

And there's more

By the way, did you know she can rap?

Also, since Heart won't let her use their song, she decided to attack the corruption in the music industry and got her own theme song.

Hey, it's all done in good humor. We can all use a good laugh, especially at the left who have nothing else to go on.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Anti-Michael Moore Movie :)

It's called "An American Carol" and here's the trailer

Further proof the media is liberal

I think these two covers say it all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another reason to like Palin

O'Reilly interviews Obama Part 1

After watching the tape of part 1, the messiah was at a loss for words. There were as many uhmms and ahhs as Bush takes to order something off the Ruth Chris menu once Obama began to answer O'Reilly's first question. I believe Obama's inexperience - particularly with foreign policy - began to shine. You can obviously see he was coached to answer foreign policy questions by Biden, but didn't know enough yet to speak in his normal eloquence.

Obama also showed his reluctance to use force on Iran. He claims that we haven't exhausted all resources yet. I will agree that we should use force as a last resort in many cases; however, when dealing with tyrants other methods do not work and only buy the other side more time. Imagine if Kennedy tried to use diplomacy with USSR and Cuba during the missile crisis. Imagine if we tried to negotiate with Hitler. We can't negotiate with Iran, because when you're dealing with terrorists it's either us or them.

Overall, it was no surprise that Bill would put Barack through the ringer. He was more courteous with Obama than I would expect, and Obama did OK defending himself in part 1.

McCain accepts nomination

I mentioned before many times that I am not a fan of McCain, but his selection of Sarah Palin convinced me to vote for the GOP ticket and sway away from Barr. Nonetheless, I will try to be as objective as I can about McCain's speech... so here it goes:

I was really pissed to see protesters at the speech, showing themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of leftist nuts embarrassing themselves and illustrating the epitomy of the democratic agenda - even though this began to look as if it were going to be the highlight of his speech.

There's no doubt that McCain's speech was boring when compared to Palin's, and it did start out as empty as my bar after a good night of poker. Much like Obama's speech, McCain talked a lot but didn't say anything. Unlike Obama, McCain did extend his congratulations for winning his party's nomination and showed himself to be a true gentleman in competition admitting respect for his former competitor. Also unlike Obama, McCain kept a positive outlook and was sincere.

The speech became more interesting about 10 minutes into empty talk when he threatened the good-ole-boys that he and Palin will shake things up in DC. He then made the point clear that he wasn't interested in playing party politics and will hold politicians accountable for their actions. He discussed his experience as a maverick for shaking things up and doing what he thinks is best for the country. Really the same old same old McCain talk.

McCain did a great job separating himself from the GOP and differentiating himself from Obama in many ways:
  • McCain touted his experience
  • McCain said specifically what he would do with Iran
  • McCain also said something I said when I ran for office which pretty much shut me out of the republican party: the party has lost its ways and needs to get back to its roots. There was a large silence in the arena when McCain dissed his own party. "We went to Washington to change Washington and Washington changed us... we lost their trust... we're going to change that"
  • He told his story about how he came to love his country, why he puts his country first, and why he wants to shake things up. He stole the theme of fighting for change right from under Obama's feet.
Here's also what I liked about McCain's speech:
  • He proved not to be out of touch with the American people and the economic issues middle class America faces.
  • Unlike Obama, McCain was specific about some of his proposed tax code changes
  • McCain offered a plan to stimulate the economy by re-educating displaced workers
  • McCain's plan to use vouchers for education - something I support
  • McCain's plan to abolish the teachers' unions - something I also support

What I don't like about McCain's speech:
  • He told republicans that he will return the party to its roots, but failed to say how.
  • He spit out typical conservative rhetoric, but failed to say how he was going to lower taxes, promote individualism, maintain open markets, cut government spending, solve the health care issue
  • He wasn't specific about which programs he would cut or eliminate
  • He also wasn't specific about his energy plan

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you Gort

I want to thank Gort for his plug about my being pissed off as a republican :)

For all of you who don't know, I am one of 5 the former congressional candidates for the 10th this year. I am picking up where Eddy the Angry Republican left off after passing away in August after a bout of throat cancer. I don't know if I can ever sound as pissed off as he did, but I'll try :)

Obama's speech after meeting with O-Reilly

I know Bill O'Reilly is not a guy you want to interview unless you're really confident. Seeing Obama in a press interview after interviewed by O'Reilly, I can honestly say the man looked shell-shocked.
I have never seen Obama at a loss for words, except for those "coached" by his running mate Joe Biden. There were more "uhmm"'s and "ahh"'s than Bush's state of the union address.

If this isn't proof that the Obama camp sees Palin as a threat, I don't know what is - but I do admit Obama set the focus that he's running against McCain, not Palin.

So I ask you this: does a running mate really make a difference?

So where ARE the feminists?

One thing that really pissed me off when I was watching FOX and Friends yesterday morning was when, in the midst of the sexist remarks about Sarah Palin, someone - I think it was Gretchen - brought up the question: where are the feminists in defense of Palin?

shit.. hello!?!?!?!?

Feminists are liberal bitches. Anyone with half a fucking brain would realize that feminazis would never, ever stand in support of a conservative female. While I like Fox and Friends in the morning, I think they dropped the ball BIG TIME.


when does a strong conservative woman need help from a liberal feminist coward?

Sarah Palin slams the libs and shows herself to be a threat to the left

I don't know what to say except that Sarah Palin stood up very well to the leftists and the liberal media last night. What conservatives really don't mention about Palin since all the "truths" about her came out was that the leftist media came out in full force on Osama's (oops, I meant Obama's) behalf because they see Palin as a threat to the Washington institution. She is a person of character and is not afraid to fight for what is right (anti-corruption; anti-spending; and anti-liberal agenda).

I think she shut them up. Notice how Obama's camp is quiet now. Even MSNBC and CNN have little to say.

What I love about her speech last night - besides she mentioned Scranton - was that she was Reaganesque, proving that conservatism isn't dead. She spoke elloquently and calmly, while making sound arguments.

Also, if you saw Rudy and Romni speak you can see how the GOP is charged up about her being the VP nominee. They also spoke the truth about the liberal messiah: he has done nothing material since entering public service.