Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My predictions for the three major races on Tuesday

McCain and Obama will be a very close election, decided under a 5% margin. This one's still too close to call. My guess is that Obama will win with a slight advantage unless McCain pulls some major miracle out his ass. Obama has the media behind him, and the voters either are just too stupid to recognize that Obama's not ready to lead or just don't care because they really feel that he's the chosen one and that Biden's a prophet.

Kanjorski will lose to Barletta by 8-13%. Uncle Paul made a series of errors in his campaign, including waiting too late to get aggressive, going over-aggressive, and failing to show up at key appearances. Barletta's been busting his rear end being out in public and is gaining ground. The only chance Kanjo has is if the voters in the 11th push the "D" button like they did in the last 2 Congressional elections (A number of local voters called in the Sue Henry show admitting that they forgot that they wanted a republican but were just too accustomed to hitting the D button).

Carney will beat Hackett under a 10% margin. Hackett's campaign in the general, much like the republican primary races in the 10th, was just a disgrace. He just didn't run a strong enough campaign.

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