Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barletta Beats Down in Debate

Lou Barletta proved himself to be well scripted in last night's debate, and he didn't seem to hold back any punches either. He certainly surprised me by portraying himself to be a well informed candidate.

Uncle Paul, however, had a central theme: "I did many things in the last 22 years. Anything good that came out of Congress was solely my idea. I deserve credit for all the good ideas. But for all the bad things that came out of Congress I had nothing to do with any of it."

The high point of the debate was when Uncle Paul also showed off his illustrious ignorance (and I'm paraphrasing here): I am Paul Kanjorski. I've been in Congress for so long that I have my own stall in the men's room and my but cheeks left a permanent mark on my seat. I can do whatever I want, get whatever I want, and give you whatever I want because I have been around for so long. If you're not aware of how Congress works, I'll tell you. It works on seniority. Even if you think you don't want these things, I know better than you and I know you want me to continue to provide you with all the goodies like an inflatable woman (I mean damn), wasteful project spending like we see at the cesspool (Susquehanna waterfront), and a choo-choo train to New York City (of course I'm only blowing smoke here). Lou Barletta won't be able to get you any of these things as a freshman Congressman.

Paul Kanjorski is out of touch and he has to go. Initially, I wasn't crazy about Lou Barletta and I still think he'll be a puppet in Congress (to be re-elected he will have to be one for a while), but Lou proved to show himself to be somewhat of a quick learner last night impressing upon me that he knows more about what's going on on the Federal level than just the problems caused by lack of illegal alien reform. After watching last night's debate, I feel more comfortable with Lou as a representative for the 11th District.


Anonymous said...

Scripted is the key word. If Kanjo would have debated him more he would have destroyed Lou. Lou is not that bright a guy and if there were more debates he would have gotten knocked of his talking points. Sad part in the 11th is that if Kanjo wins we lose, if Barletta wins, we lose more.

prsent said...

Anonymous, I certainly agree with your catch-22 point. There's no doubt that Kanjo is an ignorant prick who has been in office too long to recognize reality if it looked directly into his dark, blank stare. If Uncle Paul wins, the people of the 11th lose for another 2 years. On the other hand, Barletta wants to be an independent republican representing a democrat district. If he commits himself to this, he will definitely be a one-termer. If Barletta acts like a good newbie and does exactly what the GOP wants (i.e., become a puppet), he will have a greater chance of being re-elected since he will have the funding to fend off the numerous democrats lining up to take him out the minute he gets in office should he get elected. The problem is that either way, there will be very little that he can do to help his home district and keep the democrat voters in the 11th happy over the next two years.