Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kanjorski Chicken!

Paul Kanjorski skipped out on a forum with Lou Barletta last night, claiming he had a scheduling conflict.

Please repeat after me: *Cough* *Cough* *Bullshit* *Cough* *Cough*

Uncle Paul's proving himself to be another Washington elitist who's too good to be speaking with the people. But don't expect an apology from Uncle Paul. Remember what the NEPA's democrat dictator (Let's call him dick for short) said: "I don't apologize to anyone!"

I'm not a fan of Lou Barletta. I can't pull the lever for someone who doesn't understand the Constitution. At the same time, Uncle Paul has to go. In this race, (fortunately, I don't live in the 11th) I am undecided. I'm not convinced that Lou Barletta will be the independent republican he is painting himself to be. His lack of knowledge of the Constitution leads me to believe that he will have to rely on other GOP representatives in DC on key issues and eventually cave into the in-crowd if he is to get anything done. If he doesn't cave in, he will be a one-termer should he beat Uncle Paul.

Paul Kanjorski isn't really pushing to win this election. I don't think he knows how to fight-and-win a re-election campaign. He thinks as long as he outspends the other opponent, recycles old ads, and portrays himself to be busy by not keeping public engagements (it's a farce: he repeatedly cancels engagements where he is scheduled to appear to make himself look like he's busy working for you in DC when in reality he is afraid of confrontation), Uncle Paul thinks he can win and get away with blowing our tax dollars like a call girl on coke.

Paul Kanjorski's out of touch. If he wants to win this election, he's going to have to make some appearances and actually debate his opponents. I'm curious though as to why he doesn't debate: does he think he's too good, or is it because he's too afraid?

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Anonymous said...

POR, your assumption is that Lou does not know the Constitution. If you take all the fluff away from every story printed in the media here is the issue in Hazleton? Does Hazleton have the right to remove a valid license issued to a business when the business does not follow the federal laws it needs to in order to hold that license? Please don't ever believe that Hazleton was writing immigration law. It wasn't.

Right now, as an employer, I must get two forms of identification along with the I-9 form regardless of race for any new employee. If I don't have those forms on file am I still entitled to a license from the City of Hazleton when I am violating federal law?

You may want to visit this link where a federal judge sided with Valley Park, Missouri for the exact same law as passed in Hazleton.

Then you may want to visit this link where the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rule in favor of Arizona's immgration law denying licenses to businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Judge Munley will be proven wrong on appeal, whether it is the Third Circuit Court or the Supreme Court. Hazleton knew that going into its law. Kris Kobach, Hazleton's attorney, was the author of Valley Park and Arizona's law. Appellate courts look at rulings when deciding their cases. So far those rulings are not falling in line with Judge Munley.