Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Liberal Solution to the Credit Crisis

Mark my words! This will happen in an Obama Presidency with a liberal Congress:

Foreclosures are going through the roof. People losing their jobs in this economy. Energy costs are soaring. The list of problems that we as American face is endless, but these are just as few.

The credit crisis is causing our market and economy to go down the toilet, and all we got so far were bandaid solutions and bandaid proposals. Real working solutions that would appease the masses afflicted, DC libs, and the media will come if a liberal is elected into the White House and a liberal majority is attained on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, the real proposal will be of a socialist nature.

While nobody on the Hill or from the Obama camp are discussing this solution, it isn't far fetched to see what they will come up with to control the American population (oops, I meant help what's left of the middle class), solve the credit crisis, attempt to control energy costs, and allow people who are in threat of foreclosure (because they bought houses they couldn't afford) to keep their homes. Here's what they will come up with:

Legislation will be introduced and passed that will allow the federal government to buy the distressed properties and allow those who bought the houses that they had no business buying to remain in their homes by issuing new favorable terms.

Doesn't sound bad? Look at the specifics of the plan when it comes out:
  • The federal government buys your home and pays off your mortgage. In exchange, you sign a lease-to-own agreement. To make this attractive, the government will probably lower your payment by 50% but stretch the length of payment to 60+ years. Desperate homeowners about to lose their houses would probably bite hook, line, and sinker
  • The government will mandate that you make certain improvements to your dwelling to make your house more energy efficient.
  • The government will also mandate the energy consumption of your home. In other words, the government will tell you how much in utilities you're allowed to consume. If you go over that amount, you'll be fined.
If you think I'm crazy, think again. Do your research. See how the Eastern Block was run up through the 1990s. An Obama Presidency and liberal Capital Hill is one step closer to socialism. This translates to one thing: Our country's going to hell, and we can't even afford the handbasket.


Truth First said...

Very soon Barack Obama will be your new President. This is a reality you cannot alter or escape from. It is fact. It is history. It is justice for the world.

Many of you have seen the light and have accepted the truth. And we thank you for your support and aid in electing Barack Obama.

To those who have rejected the truth you have no reason to fear Barack Obama. He is wise and just and he will follow the principals followed by his African forefathers. Barack Obama is the son of Kings and Queens who started human civilization thousands of years ago. Barack Obama remembers his heritage and his obligations to the Truth, Justice and the Future.

Barack Obama understands what is wrong and what needs to be done. Barack Obama has intelligence and vision that has lasted for over a millennium. Barack Obama was born with the appropriate ways of thinking, speaking, and acting and this will inspire you to be liberated for now there is no shackle which can keep you enslaved.

An African Proverb tell us: “Then command the servant, thusly: Make an Elder's staff causing my son to stand in my place I will instruct him through the speech of the listeners and the counsels of the first of the ancients who listened to the divinities. In so doing troubles will be removed from the people.”

Barck Obama is here now to listen, to instruct and will lead you to your new life.

America will have a new start. A change to right itself. A change to correct its wrongs and address its sins. If you support change that will bring forth social and economic justice, you will stand with Barack Obama. Those who have been denied justice in America will get justice. Those will have been denied opportunity will be given opportunity. Those will falsely imprisoned will be freed. Those who are guilty will be punished. America’s salvation is at hand.

Those who have profited in America will play a role helping others. Justice requires equality and fairness and those who have the means will now be fair and will contribute to equality.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored you for your work, sacrifice, dedication and devotion on behalf of all oppressed peoples.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored and celebrated and remembered in song and praise and by your children.

prsent said...

First truth, your comments are so off the wall.

First, the election is not over. With recent polling data from the liberal media showing that McCain and Obama are really in a statistical dead heat race (reuters.com), there is no way that anyone can say that either candidate has won the election yet - even though Barack Obama has already written his inaugural speech (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC). It is not reality. Rather, it is complete naivity. How do you claim victory when the votes aren't even counted yet? This is just pure idiocy.

The reality that people cannot escape from or alter is that hopeful supporters of Obama want him in the White House, but don't recognize the danger of electing a President who is not ready to lead, selecting a President whose socialist policies will lead to economic collapse, voting for someone who has shown total lack of knowledge in foreign policy and anti-terrorism in an era where our great nation is faced with threats from fascists from North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia.

I agree that this is truly an historic election, but voting for or against someone just on the basis of skin color is just plain stupid. We are about to elect a leader of a superpower, not an old white man versus youthful black man. Race and gender should not be qualifications for electing a leader. Experience, knowledge, and patriotism should be.

As a small business owner and an employer, I don't interview and screen candidates on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, creed, or ethnicity. I employ people who have the necessary hard skills, soft skills, and leadership attributes needed to run a growing company.

Voting for someone just for the sake of the candidate being black has nothing to do with justice. It is true that for hundreds of years, Africans and their descendants were treated unfairly. I was not around when slavery was an issue in the US and neither were my ancestors (My Polish ancestors had to deal with attacks from the Kosacks, Russians, Turks, and had trouble forming alliances with the French and English). I and the majority of the voters in the US cannot be held responsible for the injustice done to African Descendants. Most of us have not participated in the acts of injustice. Those who choose not to vote for Obama are not practicing injustice or racial prejudice. Likewise, those who support Obama should not play the race card. We as an American society have advanced to the point where race is not an issue in the election with the exception of racist African Americans who are trying to force the race card. These racists, cannot accept the fact that an African American has a significant chance of being President is an illustration of how our society has progressed to one that believes in equal opportunity, thereby negating the race issue. Unfortunately, black racists such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ludacris, and Louis Farrakhon want to make this election a race issue.

As far as your second paragraph, you speak about Obama as though he is the Messiah: the truth, the way, and the light. I know the truth, I see the light, and I follow the way - and it is not Barack Obama. There e is only one hope for the people: the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

You also assume that because I don't support Barack Obama I fear him. I do not fear Obama - I fear his policies. I fear his ignorance and naivity. I fear his liberal philosophy. I fear his inexperience. I fear a candidate whose sole reason for running for President is to find himself. I fear the possibility of a President who has no sense of American pride.

If Barack Obama remembers his heritage, then why does his father still live in a hut making less than the equivalent of $10 per year? If he hasn't forgotten where he came from, then why has he not done anything for his family? If he is concerned with the future of this country then why are his associations with anti-American groups whose purpose are to destroy the very moral fiber of America? Why does he want to negotiate with people who want to wipe us off the face of the Earth? The only part of your third paragraph I agree with is his love for justice. In economic terms, we call this Marxism. Marxism failed. There are countless scholarly articles proving that Marxist policies don't work. Obama is an educated man, but he doesn't understand that spreading wealth around, raising taxes, and giving tax breaks to people who don't pay taxes are detrimental to the growth of the US economy, and therefore will hinder global economic strength. Under Obama's plan, the government will solve our problems and control our lives. Therefore, his policies will institutionalize slavery on hard working Americans.

Barack Obama is not the Messiah. He will not solve the worlds's problems. He will not solve the nation's problems, only make them worse. Obama claims that he wants to change America. Let me tell you something, sir. There is nothing wrong with America. America does not need to change. Americans don't need a new way of life. What needs to change is the way our government is run.