Thursday, October 16, 2008

The final Presidential Debate

I know I'm late putting this post up, but I've been on the road all day and finally had a chance to sit down at the computer and relax while inhaling some BK.

I don't care what the political pundits in the liberal media say, I don't think Obama won the presidential debachle. I have to give the win to Joe the Plumber.

McCain's performance last night can be compared to a bottle rocket. He started off strong, made a crack, and fell softly to the ground. At first, McCain was aggressive and for the first time I thought that Obama was going to have his ass handed to him, but McCain just didn't follow up on the jabs leaving Obama unbruised. Compared to the previous presidential debachles, McCain did a little better but I was still disappointed.

Obama looked like a deer caught in headlights for most of the debate and spoke as if he were caught off guard for the first 30 minutes. Other than having to be on the defensive most of the night and having no capability of taking control of the debate, Senator Government merely stuck to his usual playbook: talk in circles and don't answer the question. Because that's exactly what America needs!

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Anonymous said...

Great analogy! I wanted hime to really go after Obama and he did but toward the end he started to fade. He seemed a little disorganized/distracted in his final comments.