Monday, April 6, 2009

What do President Obama and Natalie Maines have in common?

Both don't have the balls to diss their own country on their own soil


Kristyn said...

Wow what a gay ass joke. Natalie Maines has more balls than you ever wish to have so how about you shut up about her. Freaking tool.

prsent said...

Kristyn, it wasn't a joke but a matter of fact. I'm sorry I offended your favorite singer, but I find it disgusting when an American finds it necessary to go overseas to criticize their own government when he/she can freely do so here in the USA.

I will stand by my opinion that her actions were disgusting, but as a musician she is very talented. However, #30 will always have more balls than she, especially since Brodeur doesn't play with chest pads.