Saturday, April 4, 2009

Protesters denounce Obama worldwide

Wow! The rest of the world realizes what kind of fucking joke of a President the people elected, as evidenced by protests in civilized countries like China, France and Great Britain. Why? because the failure of our banking industry resulted in a global economic crisis - all because some morons like Barney Frank believe that everyone (i.e., lazy people on welfare) "deserves" the same damn things that other "normal" (i.e., hard working middle class people) people "earned" - the key word here is earned - but the libs mislabel this as "opportunity"

Folks, opportunity in the United States of American doesn't mean you get things handed to you on a silver platter. Our nation was created to provide the means and resources with limited government intervention for people to earn those things that are desired - that is opportunity. If you want a home or health insurance for your family, you should never rely on the government to provide these things for you. You're supposed to get a job that provides the means necessary to satisfy your needs. If your job doesn't pay well enough, then you can go to school to earn a higher degree which will enable you to accomplish your goals. The opportunity to better yourself and/or accomplish your objectives is available - seize that opportunity.

Don't wait for the government to provide the solution. Haven't we already learned that lesson from events like Katrina? Rely on the government, and you're up for a big disappointment.


ENGLISH! said...

"If your job doesn't pay well enough, go to school to earn a higher degree"? Well how are you going to pay for that schooling if your job doesn't pay well enough? Doesn't someone who wants to better themselves deserve gov't help? They should get help instead of being hurt by the gov't--hurt by a gov't that redistributes wealth to the wealthiest 2% of the population through tax policies and corporate welfare, and that doesn't invest in education and making it more accessible to a larger segment of the population (as was the case when our gov't was in the hands of anti-government conservatives). And PS--being anti-government and teaches other to distrust and hate the gov't is unpatriotic. Such unusual behavior on the part of those who take pride themselves for their own so-called patriotism and call into question that of others.

I'd also like to know why people who are critical of welfare rail against it when it is going to portions of the populations in poverty, but you don't seem to have a problem with corporate welfare and "redistribution of wealth" as long as it is the upper classes that are benefiting. Seems like a double standard to me. I agree we need welfare reform so that the system isn't abused by the poor OR the rich.

prsent said...

Really? I am for corporate welfare? You may be a great writer, but your reading skills suck. You obviously didn't read my posts that talk about how I detest corporate welfare. Let me summarize my previous posts in just a few short words since you obviously won't take the time to read through my prior rantings: Big companies don't need government assistance. The money spent on corporate welfare could be reinvested in more worthy things to boost the economy such as programs to help small businesses grow and employ more people.

As far as your "desevering" argument on education assistance, perhaps you forgot that programs already exist to help people better themselves. They're called student loans. You take out a guaranteed loan from the government to better yourself and repay it after graduation in expectation that you make more money in the long run and contribute more to the tax base. Many states also have grant programs in place to assist those who are of lower income achieve greatness.

I am not against helping people, I just believe that the government does a piss poor job at doing it. Our elected officials are not in politics to help the general populous; rather, they are in it for themselves and for those who get them in office. Our system is broken and the American people need to educate themselves as to why it is so. Questioning the actions of our elected officials and expressing our disgust towards them is not unpatriotic: it is our Constitutional right. Those who tell us that we should not be allowed to criticize our system and our legislators go against the very fabric of our forefathers' intent and are assisting with a rapid progression towards fascist socialism. People like you who say that it is unpatriotic to criticize our government are inadvertently walking towards the paper shredder with our Constitution. That, my fellow American, is unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

This is a fine piece of comedy writing!! I was rolling on the floor - Although the scary thing is that there probably is pseudo-intelligent people in the US that actually have this kind of blinkered view of the world, but I guess most of them wouldn't embarrass themselves by writing a evidently poorly researched blog like this! 5 stars!!