Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama is running the risk of being a 1-term President

21 days in office, and the guy definitely shows he has no clue how to solve the country's problems - folks, that's what you get when you vote for someone who ran for President of the United States as part of his personal journey.

Campaigning to pitch your ideals in destitute areas is just another illustration of cult of personality. Stalin, Hitler and Napoleon did the same - and I ask you, where did their policies end up? The people they were supposed to protect lost their freedom for the sake of personal gain of tolitarian leadership. I warned you about this before. I also warned you about how the Obama Administration, Pelosi, Reed, and others will pervert our governing document.

Our founding fathers drafted a document that our current lack of representatives are wiping their asses with. Osama-Bin-Kanjorski and Chris Carnival are wasting our tax dollars dealing with issues like investigating steroid use on baseball players when they should be trying to properly legislate the issues that are most important to us. In the meantime, Arlen Sphincter votes for the largest spending bill in history. These actions have nothing to do with resolving Osama-Bin Kanjo's and Barney Frank's blunders!!! Someone please tell me how their actions on the Hill are 100% Constitutional!!!! The fact is that they are not!!! Therefore, our lack-of-representatives on the Hill have polluted Jefferson's (et al) ideals.

I believe that sticking to the Constitution as it was originally intended is the best solution to our economy. Let's allow the free market to correct itself while Capitol Hill re-alligns its policies with the original intent of the founding fathers. Let's stop bickering over the translation of the Constitution as it applies today, but rather as it was intended on being translated ealrier (we already have a process to adapt it to today's standards and it's called ratification). Government interviention should be limited (as originally intended), and growing the federal government has only proven itself to be detrimental over the long run. The New Deal still has some lingering problems, which is one of the reasons why Detroit is doing poorly. LBJs policies have lead to welfare fraud and abuse.

I am not saying that government intervention is a bad thing. Sometimes it's needed. Fair wages via labor unions, workfare, and food stamps are great temporary programs, but they have been overused, abused and exploited. It's time to think about the balance between federal intervention and the free market to get this economy on track. However, the Obama economic stifling plan is nothing more than a crap shoot mixed in with a lot of pork. If he's successful, which probably won't happen, Obama will go down in history as one of the greaest Presidents of the 21st Century. Most likely, his plan will fail miserably and he will make Jimmy Carter look like Mother Theresa. In 3 weeks, this man has done nothing honorable, except throw an olive branch to Iran while allowing our military to focus its efforts on Afghanistan. He has completely ignored Putin while Kim-Sung-Mentally-Ill and the future PM of Isreal (election still going on) are just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right moment to carry forth their agenda. In the meantime, Obama's picking people who can't pay their taxes while expecting the dwindling middle class to pay their fair share. Might as well bend over and lube your rear ends with KY, because we're all going to get screwed.

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