Monday, February 9, 2009

Arlen Specter needs to go

Thank you, Senator Specter for voting on the Senate version of the Obama economic stifling plan. You, sir, once again prove yourself to be a socialist and out of touch with reality as your colleagues on the other side of the floor and shamefully drag the once great reputation of the republican party to one that equates itself with fiscal irresponsibility. This is neither something that the GOP members nor the American people need. Our economy does not need pork projects that only support those who fund your campaign. Our economy needs real stimulus - something our lack of representatives actually will never get done. As Pennsylvania's longest serving senator, you have proven yourself to be in DC too long. I hope that the middle class taxpayers of Pennsylvania decide to vote for whomever runs against you when you're up for re-election next year.


edomowit said...

Arlen Specter has overstayed his time in office. It's time to vote this traitor out. He has not acted in the best intrest of Pennsylvania and his country. He is a disgrace.

prsent said...


I completely agree with you! Arlen Specter is one of the most liberal left-wing representatives we have on the Hill - actually it's a toss-up between him and Murtha. Either way, both have to go. It's time that the American people wake up and realize that we are regressing from our roots of individualism to Eastern European socialism (a policy that failed miserably). Japan tried it for 10 years and failed - when will Obama wake up and realize that socialist agenda and over-protectionism fail? We have seen this with the raw, I mean, New Deal in the 1930's. We tried to isolate ourselves from the world economy after 1929 and implement socialist philosophies back then. If it weren't for WWII, our government would have been bankrupt.

China will soon prove that over-protectionism combined with socialism fails because they have been losing ground with policies similar to Obama's for a few years. Sure, people did want to do business with China 10 years ago. Now fewer companies are exploring the option because the cost outweighs the good. Why? over-protectionism and socialist policies yield fewer foreign companies wanting to do business with you, poor quality in products produced domestically, and you're setting standards so high nobody wants to deal with you.

I am thoroughly convinced that Michael savage is right: liberalism is a disease, and it is infecting this once great nation of ours and turning it into a region of shame.