Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not in the "Holiday" mood?


This afternoon, I went to go shopping for a tree. I couldn't find one damn Christmas tree, but plenty of people were selling holiday trees. what the hell is a holiday tree? Are we becoming so over-sensitive in this country that we can't mention what holiday we're buying a freakin' tree for?

I wonder how far off political correctness will go before people finally say enough is enough because we're too afraid to offend anyone.

Maybe single people should be offended about Valentine's Day. Maybe we can start calling it something else like "friendship day," and when you go out for dinner you'll have to call it a "mutual emotions feast" and you have to deal with it and feel sorry for single people and be empathetic to them.

St. Patrick's Day is another holiday that may have to be changed. If you're atheist, you can't celebrate the patron saint of anything. If you're protestant, you don't pray to saints. However, if you're an alcoholic this is your day. Maybe we can change the name of this holiday to alcohol tolerance awareness day.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, enjoy the rest of the holiday season. I'm going to read "Twas the Night Before the Non-denominational Winter Holiday" to my kids tonight after I make make some adulterated egg nog and string up my biodegradable energy efficient holiday lights.


Anonymous said...

so businesses are not free to market their wares in any way they see fit. they have to say christmas or you are not happy. you are a fucking dictator. you republicans claim let the market dictate, well if a business owner decides to market in a certain way to increase one's profits then what are you bitching about?

prsent said...

Businesses are being forced by you liberals to be politically correct and not offend anyone. Atheists, agnostics and other liberals have perverted Christmas to the point that small business owners are afraid to use the word "Christmas" in their advertising. No, small businesses are not free to advertise any way they see fit thanks to you.

Let's be real here: the PC-ing of Christmas is not about profits, but about making 1-3% of the population feel like they can fit in and not be offended. It is also about attacking Christianity - an agenda of the far left. It's not a free market if the left is forcing businesses and consumers to become so PC that they can't even advertise which holiday they are focusing on.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are not a republican you are a fascist.

prsent said...

And you are a moron if you think you can equate me with anti-democratic and anti-socialist dictorial philosophy. It is the atheist and agnostic who is fascist, not the traditional conservative. It is the atheist/agnostic who has perverted free speech. It is the atheist/agnostic who wants to force his/her beliefs on others.

Anonymous said...

so free speech now has parameters defined by you???????? wow! you call me a moron, you a--hole take a look in the mirror...
is free is only free as long as it agrees with your views? no one else should be allowed to express or push an agenda that disagrees with you. that is the kind of limits on free speech the founders were concerned about, that is why they made the 1st amendment so broad based. the founders perverted free speech to ensure that political free speech would NOT be limited. in simple terms, for you, it is called taking the good with the bad.
merry christmas