Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lokuta is gone

I'll make it short and sweet: It's about time that unethical conduct in Luzerne County gets reprimanded. The manner in which the democrats in the Luzerne County Courthouse behave is irresponsible and nobody holds these people accountable for their actions.

Luzerne County residents should make a little more noise about the tomfoolery that our elected representatives exhibit while holding positions subject to public scrutiny paid for by our hard earned money. Instead, we allow our courthouse to be a 3 ring circus because the majority of the registered voters in this county are just plain idiots. I know I once ran for public office and if I ever want to run again, calling voters idiots isn't necessarilly the PC thing to do. But how else do you describe someone who continually complains about the broken county system and the people who run it, and then votes for them again to keep them in office? I would describe the person to be a complete moron.

The typical voting moron generally doesn't have a clue about politics, doesn't know the difference between left and right, is ignorant as to how the system works, wouldn't be able to recognize an elected official if he/she were walking on the street next to them, watches the news for the weather or sports, generally votes for a particular party or person because "that's who ____ is voting for", either doesn't know the issues or votes one issue, believes anything that is said on CNN, and votes simply because they believe that it's the right thing to do. It is the same voter who allows Osama Bin Kanjo to continue to destroy our economy.

I just don't understand these people. Why vote if you have no clue? If you're house shopping, would you buy the first house you see, or would you look at several houses in your price range and figure out what you like about house A versus house B (and vice versa), what is it about house C that you could (or can't) live without, etc.? Why can't these people do that with candidates?

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