Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yeah, this is freakin' wonderful. Let's kiss the ass of those who want to destroy us, especially from a President who knows so much about Islam, but fails to admit that he himself is a muslim. He did a wonderful job quoting from the koran, like any other scholar of the islam religion. Yet, this man claims to be a Christian under the guidance of Reverend (AKA, white men must die) Wright.

He also speaks very highly of innovation from muslim communities. He's right about the mathematic principles, but so deadly wrong about the art of printing. Yay! let's erase Gutthenberg's press and rewrite history why don't we? If Bush said anything this stupid, the media would be all over this - how come they're not all over the Obamessiah??? Ooops, I forgot: the media wants us to rewrite history. A few examples:
All white people (regardless of when they came over to the United States) are responsible for slavery and racial oppression; the Jews were the only ones sitting in and exterminated in concentration camps in Europe; UFOs exist and carried away Elvis, etc.

Another falacy: the muslim world supported the American Revolutioin. Less than .05% of people living on this continent were of muslim decent. No muslim country helped us in our cause. The two nations that deserve any credit were Poland and France.

Oh and a stretch of the truth: Jefferson kept a koran in his personal library and used it to guide his life. While it may be true that Thomas Jefferson did have a koran in his personal library, it was mainly because the koran, the torah, and the bible were used to formulate what we know now as common law. It was a requirement of law schools, such as the College of William and Mary, to apply religious law to legal thinking in the 1700s. Jefferson and Adams also used various religious sources in their memoirs to formulate their stance against slavery. Both were devout Anglicans.

Folks, this bullshit is only in the first 8 minutes of his 55 minute speech!!!

Let's fast forward to my favorite part of this speech where he talks about "one world order" - yeah, that's just what we want: one world order. Uhmm... Hitler, Alexander the Not-So-Great, and others have tried that. They all failed. What maked the Obammasiah to f*cking special?

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