Friday, March 20, 2009

How to ruin your Presidency in less than 100 days:

  1. Hire a guy to run the IRS who doesn't pay his own taxes
  2. Rely on trust fund kids to provide economic advice
  3. Ask fledgling entrepreneurs with no startup capital how they would solve the credit crisis
  4. Give billions of dollars away to people and companies that don't need it
  5. Tell people 2 weeks after you get in office that you "screwed up"
  6. When you make the same mistake twice, quote Britney Spears: oops I did it again
  7. When in doubt, paint a bleak, hopeless picture of the future
  8. Compare your athletic skills with participants in the special Olympics
  9. Spend, spend, spend your way out of every problem
  10. Blow the international value of the dollar by borrowing $93B from China, the country that sees no ethical problem with putting lead in children's toys, practicing technological elitism, and adding a little poison to puppy food.

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