Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strike 2 for Obama

Abortion is a very touchy subject and, while I am personally against abortion, except in the cases of rape/incest, potential health problems to the mother, or after watching Idiocracy preventing stupid people from breeding, I recognize and respect the woman's right to do whatever she wants to with her body - besides, the making abortion illegal in the US realistically is a mute point.

Before I get off track, I read that Obama signed an executive order to provide funding for abortions in foreign countries. Good Job, Barack! Just keep wasting our tax dollars on bullshit like that!!! In these economic times, I am sooooo fucking happy that our new President is wasting our tax dollars meddling in other countries' affairs rather than focusing on reinvesting our tax dollars wisely on regenerating job growth, small business development, and protecting American jobs.

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Welcome to Costco...
I love you